GIVEAWAY: Stainless Steel Bakeware

Why go to the trouble of preparing delicious, wholesome, nutrient-dense food if you’re simply going to allow toxic chemicals to leach into it while you’re cooking it? It’s why I opt for safe bakeware made of glass, stainless steel, or cast iron.

One of my sponsors, Paula Sutton of Paula’s Bread sells such safe bakeware in her online store. This week, she’s giving away 2 prime pieces of stainless steel bakeware to my lucky readers!

The Prizes

Norpro Stainless Steel 15×10 Jelly Roll Baking Pan ($20.00 value)
Made of high-quality 18/0 Stainless Steel, this will never rust, and you won’t have nickel leaching into your food. It’s perfect for making cookies, biscuits, french fries, or even snack bars.

Norpro Stainless Steel Muffin Pan ($24.95 value)
This heavy-duty muffin 18/0 Stainless Steel pan from Norpro makes 12 standard sized 2.5″ muffins.

A Note From Paula
“Stainless steel is a clean metal to cook with as it does not leach metal into your foods. These are lifetime pans and bakeware as they won’t rust. I have had my cookware for 24 years and my bakeware for 20 years. They all are just as shiny as the day I bought them! These are pans you will pass on to future generations. I am sure you will love them as much as I love mine!”

How To Enter

Leave a separate comment for each of the following possible ways to enter.

1. The first step to entering the contest is to click on the link below. You’ll be taken to the Paula’s Bread website, where you can check out her store. Then, come back here and leave a comment sharing what other products from Paula’s Bread you think you could use. Again, you must CLICK ON THE LINK BELOW and return here to leave a comment to be entered in the contest.

(Note: If you can’t see the link above, it is because you have ad blocking software enabled or javascript disabled. Please disable your ad blocker or enable javascript to participate in the giveaway.)

That’s good for one entry. For additional chances to win, do any of the following:

2. Blog about this giveaway and link back to this page on your blog. Comment below with the link. (1 extra entry)

3. Sign up for my email updates or RSS feed. Leave a comment below telling me that you signed up. You will also get an entry if you already subscribe — be sure to leave a comment! (1 extra entry)

4. Follow me on Twitter and tweet about the giveaway. Be sure to include the URL to this page in your tweet. Click the TweetThis button at the bottom of the post, or you can use the following tweet: “Don’t enter to win FREE Stainless Steel bakeware! I want it all to myself.” Leave a comment telling me that you followed & tweeted. (1 extra entry)

5. Email 5 friends about the giveaway, with a link to this page. Leave a comment below telling me that you did. (1 extra entry)

6. Stumble this post and leave me a comment telling me that you did. (1 extra entry)

7. LIKE my newly created Facebook page and share about the giveaway on Facebook, linking to this post. (2 extra entries!)

There are a total of 8 possible entries!

Questions? Comment below.

This contest will end Saturday, September 25th at 11:59 PM PST. The winner will be chosen via, and will be announced on Monday, September 27th. The lucky winner will have 48 hours to contact me with his or her full name and mailing address.


  1. Debra says

    I would LOVE to have a number of things from Paula’s, but I think the first thing on my list would have to be a grain mill. Please enter me in your giveaway.

  2. Brittany says

    I also would love a grain mill! And I liked the pie top cutters…not that I make pie often, but that would make me look like an expert! :)

  3. Chara says

    It’s actually hard to pick a favorite “could use” item! :) I’d say my top choices are the cookie sheet and the loaf pans, after of course the jelly roll pan and muffin pan… :)


  4. says

    Wow, I could so use that muffin pan. We use mostly glass or stoneware, but I still have an old, probably toxic muffin tin. A jelly roll baking pan would be awesome too. My Javascript is enabled and my pop up/ad blockers are disabled and I still can’t see the link (using Google Chrome), so I googled the site. I hope that’s good enough, though I can try a different browser next time I’m on another computer. I don’t even know where to begin on stuff I could use from that site. A grain mill would be awesome. Stainless steel turners would be great, we’ve been looking for some nice ones. And my bread makers dying so I’m drooling over her bread makers. I know I should make my bread from scratch but I just rarely find the time.
    .-= Lindsay´s last blog post …Mummified Apple Project =-.

  5. Anna says

    The bosch mixer…. Definitely on my wish list. As for the stainless steel pans, all of the stainless steel bake ware I have invested in still looks new and works so well. Definitely better to have a few quality pieces than a kitchen full of cheapies.

  6. Maureen says

    Thank you for the intro to the site. I like a number of items with the Zojirushi BB-HAC10 Home Bakery Mini being one of them.

  7. Stefany says

    Some women like to shop for shoes………I get excited looking at cookware. Love stainless steel and wonderful knives but my dream list includes a juicer! No one has lived until they had fresh grapefruit juice! Yum!

  8. Misaki says

    I would like to have L’Equip FilterPro Dehydrator because I would like to make all sorts of raw vegetable crackers and dried fruits.

  9. Lori says

    Wow! Everything! She has a great selection of quality cookware! The grain mill looked awesome, as did the dehydrator, but it all looked fantastic.
    I am already a subscriber to your email newsletter.

  10. Vicki Diioia says

    I’ve been getting your e-mails for awhile now- I think yours was actually the first one I signed up for when redoing our food.

  11. Vicki Diioia says

    I liked you on Facebook (through my husbands page- don’t have my own yet…not sure if I ever will, actually…)

  12. jwo says

    Where to begin–I would love to have most of what I saw on her site. I have yearned for a grain mill, looked long and hard to find stainless bread pans (and failed), the Bosch “do everything” machine, stainless cookie sheets, and probably some items I missed. It is a great site store!

  13. Diane says

    I would love to win – these two items are the only ones I own in aluminum, so they are the only metal items I need to replace. There are many items on her site I’d love, but at the top of my shopping list is the pastry cutter.

  14. Jason says

    i already subscribe via email, and rss, and twitter. so all i can say is that i could really, really use the Bosch Universal Plus Kitchen Machine

  15. Robyn says

    I love all of the stainless bakeware. I really want the muffin pan and some new loaf pans. The electric skillet looks awesome too.

  16. Marissa says

    Wowza, how awesome it would be to win some of those items. I was also eyeing that Omega American Classic Juicer, which would be so great to have in the mornings, yum.

  17. says

    I do lots of baking and would like to throw out my aluminum air bake cookie sheets and go for the stainless steel ones that Paula’s offers. Thanks.

  18. penny says

    I linked back to Paula’s site again and it’s amazing all the stuff there. I love everything that’s stainless steel and all the other stuff too!

  19. says

    It would be great to afford your fall combo sale, the one with the food processor. I’ve always wanted one of those. Thank you. I’m grateful for the chance to enter your giveaway.

  20. Nikki says

    I would like one of everything on that website:) Sign me up! I saved it to my favorites, great to know where to go for such things.

  21. JenZ says

    I love the items at Paula’s site! The pans in this giveaway are 2 that I have been eyeing for a long time, along with the stainless steel bread pans, but one thing that I want to eventually get is one of the dehydrators that she carries.

  22. sandi says

    The first thing thatcaught my eye ws the pressure cooker cookbook, but I’m afraid to look further for fear of getting another case of the “I wants.”

  23. Sandi says

    I subscribed via Google reader… and please excuse the one-handed typos in my previous post. I really should have proofread!

  24. AppleTree says

    SO many cool things, but I think the most important for me would be the basic bread making DVD so I could learn how to really make bread before investing in all sort of cool implements.

  25. kelly q says

    i would love any/all of the stainless steel bakeware, especially the roasting pan. also would love a dehydrator and not have the oven tied up all day.

  26. Gayle says

    Love these pans! I have stainless steel cookware but no bakeware yet, so I could use it all. I would love to get the pizza pan too.

  27. Rachael says

    I would just love to add the L’Equip Dehydrator to my kitchen. My family loves dried fruits, but it’s so difficult to find simple dried fruit without sweeteners and other weird non-foods. I would dehydrate tons and tons of cranberries this season!

  28. Michelle says

    I am in the process of switching out my bakeware which is an expensive though necessary process. The item that I would love (though I need it all) would be the Norpro Stainless Steel Lasagna / Roasting Pan.

  29. Ronell says

    I’m already subscribed. Visited – really awesome website, definitely want to spend more time there browsing through all the things I can’t afford :). Also nice to see the “Spiritual Info” Subscribe to that one too… I would love to replace my bakeware with stainless steel. Thanks for the opportunity and great blog!

  30. Ronell Mulder says

    I’m already subscribed. Visited – really awesome website, definitely want to spend more time there browsing through all the things I can’t afford :). Also nice to see the “Spiritual Info” Subscribe to that one too… I would love to replace my bakeware with stainless steel. Thanks for the opportunity and great blog! ( sorry mistyped my email address)

  31. laura says

    I really like the bread machine. Just recently I had my bread machine that was handed down to me from my grandmother broke and I have been stuck with store bought bread (yuk) but I just haven’t been able to save up for a new machine.

  32. LeahM says

    I already subscribe to your wonderful blog; liked you on Facebook as well as posting about the giveaway, and went to Paula’s Bread to check out her stuff–I really like the cake pans and Bosch grain mill.

  33. Emily says

    Looks like Paula has some really great things. I do love to bake and would love some of her pieces. The food dehydrators look great on her site too. I also signed up for your e-mail updates (just found your blog today). I also just ‘like’d, shared/posted on Facebook right now too. Thank you!

  34. Dawn says

    I think I need to order the “L’Equip FilterPro Food Dehydrator” from Paula’s website!! Anyone use it? Plus…. yes I want to win the baking ware!!!

    Love this website by the way!

  35. Katie says

    What a great site! I would love some stainless steel cooling racks! The Sue Gregg books would be nice…the stainless steel electric skillet would be great too! Thanks for the link! I could sure use those pans :o)

  36. Mindy says

    I know I could use the 17-piece stainless steel kitchenware set!!! Thank you for offering the two pieces of bakeware as a giveaway!!!

  37. Rachel Lawrence says

    I would love one of each of the stainless steel bakeware. I’ve been looking for stainless steel and been having a hard time finding it. Everything is non-stick — YUCK!! Thanks for having this contest. :)

  38. Tara McGinnis says

    I’ve shopped at Paula’s Store before and was so happy with it. I would love to get the Bosch Universal Plus Mixer. Thanks for the Contest.

  39. Theresa Hebert says

    I would stock up on Sue Greggs cookbooks from Paula’s Bread. I would love to win some stainless steel bakeware!

  40. Leslie K says

    I am looking to get rid of my stones, so I would love to have the lasagna/roasting pan and at least the 9.5″ skillet! We are a family of 6, hoping for more, and wanting to be foster parents, so I need more larger items. I really like these! We have Townecraft cookware, looking to buy more good cookware, and I just saw yours. I would love to have those also!

  41. Leslie K says

    I friended you on fb and shared the giveaway, I invited five friends via email and I signed up for your RSS feeds. I have no way of doing the rest.

  42. Susan, OCC says

    Hello! I have been considering getting some stainless steel bread pans for a while now and Paula’s look really good. But I can’t tell what size they are. My family prefers bread baked in the 8×4 inch pans (maybe it is 8.5×4.5). Susan, OCC

  43. says

    Ok, well my post got deleted here? I didn’t spam so I don’t know why. Anyway, I joined your FB fan page. I don’t understand StumbledUpon but I will work on that :) I also added the GIVEAWAY to MY FB fan page :)

  44. Jeanne says

    Besides the giveaway pans, I could sure use a great stainless steel turner and cookie sheets, maybe even a pizza pan. Of course, the Bosch mixer and all its goodies would be great. I had one with a grain mill when my kids were little, but we’ve moved so much that I gave it away. I do miss it.

  45. Brenda says

    I am new to the website Renegade and am THRILLED to be given accurate and useful information of what is being done to alter our foods which in turn destroys our bodies. Yes I would like very much to have the healthy Norpro bakeware from Paul’s Bread. I enjoy cooking very much and want to have the knowledge and the equipment to stay healthy. I have saved Paula’s Bread site to my favorites. Thank You :)

  46. Emily says

    What products from Paula’s Bread do I not think I could use? Just about everything she has looks awesome. Picking a couple though…the French Loaf Pan looks super cool because I’ve never known before how they make bread shaped like that. The Pie Top Cutters…my piecrust has almost improved to the point where I could do something fun like that on the top crust.

  47. Whitney Lemons says

    So much awesome stuff on her site. First on my list is stainless bakeware (!), but second and third on my list would be the professional stick blender and the coffee/seed mill.

  48. Kim says

    Love! I’m in the market for a new bread loaf pan and a square cake pan…the cake pan in stainless is just like the one my mom used when I was growing up for her amazing iced brownies. Can’t wait to make some. I think I’ll be buying it tonight!

  49. Eileen says

    Ok, I want just about everything on the website! The B/R/K 7 Piece Pressure Cooker Set looks like a great buy, I would love to have that.

  50. Linda says

    Some many things that look nice:

    the jelly roll pan
    the L’Equip stick blender
    the L’Equip juicer
    the French bread pan intrigues me

  51. Andrea says

    My family could definetly use the stainless steel cookie sheets, and also the stainless steel ladles and spoons. A grain mill would be nice as well!

  52. HollymMead says

    If I had to pick just ONE more piece of stainless steel cookware, aside from the goodies in the give-away, I would choose the square bake pan (we are Southern and love cornbread)!

  53. HollymMead says

    I liked you on Facebook and added a link to your blog (mentioning the giveaway no less) on my FB profile page, so two more entries for me! :)

  54. Kerstin DeRolf says

    I subscribed to your blog, and have been thoroughly enjoying your links.

    I would dearly love new baking pans and sheets…many of mine have seen better days, and the one stainless pan I have, I absolutely love!

  55. says

    I visited Paulas, would love a hand-cranked grain mill and an Omega juicer :)
    I also really need some pans! I moved and my pans got left behind!

  56. Tami says

    I would love the dehydrator!! I could make fun fruit leather and cookies that you dehydrate instead of cooking. Hope to win the pans too!! Thanks

  57. Melody says

    Please enter me in the give-away, and thanks for having this! I’d love to have one of Paula’s dehydrators and a grain mill, too…. oh… one day… :)

  58. Meg L says

    I would love to win the bakeware! I have a child with autism and am converting all my cookware to safer materials to prevent heavy metals from leaching into our foods. These look awesome!

  59. Teryn says

    Besides these pans? Stainless gadgets … a grain mill … I think I also need a bigger kitchen, but i don’t think she carries those :)

  60. P. Joy Pryor says

    I’ve been looking at food dehydrators. The L’Equip FilterPro Dehydrator has a feature I hadn’t thought about – filtering the air that is used to dry the food. Great idea. It’s at the top of my list now.

  61. Alexis says

    Definitely could use a Bosch Universal Plus Mixer – I have heard SO many good things about this mixer. I think it might need to go on my wish list for Christmas :)

  62. mariah says

    I could really use the bread pans – I make batches of 5 loaves at a time. Everything looks like great prices, thanks for the resource.

  63. says

    Wow, I didn’t know anyone offered soy milk makers! How neat.

    I’m loving all the stainless steel bakeware and cookware, especially the stainless steel loaf, pie, cake, roasting, and lasagna pans. And of course the electric skillet and ultra 17 piece cookware set is to die for, too.

    I could also probably use a coffee grinder. Or, even better, one of those amazing grain mills…
    .-= Sunshine´s last blog post …bras suck- but can they kill =-.

  64. Sunshine says

    Added RSS to Google Reader (which I was gonna do anyway). Actually, that’s how I found this site – the new “Explore” section in Google Reader kept throwing these posts at me. Good stuff.

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