GIVEAWAY: Organic Gluten-Free Bread Sampler

organic gluten free bread

If you’ve ever attempted to buy gluten-free bread at the supermarket, you may have been shocked by some of the ingredients. “Gluten-free” does not necessarily mean “healthy.” Nuts and seeds aren’t soaked or sprouted. The bulk of the flour is made up of isolated starches like potato starch or tapioca starch. The oils and sugar are highly likely to be GMO.

While I expect just about any commercially produced food to include compromise ingredients, I also love it when I stumble upon a commercially produced food that I can feel really good about buying. That’s how I feel about Manna Organics Gluten-Free Bread.

This week, thanks to the generosity of one of my sponsors, Wise Choice Market, I’m giving away a sampler pack of their gluten-free breads to one of you lucky readers. The sampler includes 5 loaves of bread — each a different, delicious variety to delight your taste buds.

What You’ll Win

The Manna Organics Gluten-Free Bread Sampler includes one loaf of each of these varieties:

  • Cinnamon Raisin
  • Ancient Grain
  • Original
  • Open Sesame
  • Ciao Chia

All varieties are certified organic, GMO-free, and utterly delicious. Typical ingredients include filtered water, organic brown rice flour, organic sorghum flour, organic millet, sprouted organic quinoa, sprouted organic amaranth, sprouted organic seeds, organic evaporated cane juice crystals, organic sunflower oil, xanthum gum (non-GMO), and yeast. Of course, the exact ingredients vary from variety to variety, but I hope you’ll see here what I see. Care. Dedication to doing it right.

The sampler pack typically sells for $33. Tack on the free shipping, and this prize is worth $48!

(P.S. You can get free shipping standard on all orders at Wise Choice Market, so long as you place an order of more than $90. I don’t know about you, but that always makes a difference to me when I’m buying online.)

How to Enter

This giveaway has concluded.

First, you’ll need to click on the link below. You’ll be taken to a landing page set up by Wise Choice Market where you’ll be asked to enter your email address to join Wise Choice Market’s mailing list. Please note, this is not a newsletter. You won’t be getting routine emails from them flooding your inbox. Rather, you’ll get an occasional email informing you about discounts, new products, etc.

So, click on the link below, sign up for their mailing list (this includes confirming that you’ve opted into the list), then come back here and leave a comment telling me you’ve done so.
If you fail to do any of these three easy steps, you will not be eligible to win the prize.

(If you can’t see the above link, it’s because you have javascript disabled or are using an ad blocker. To see the link, simply re-enable javascript or deactivate your ad blocker for this page.)

Remember, after you’ve signed up for the newsletter, you must come back here and comment letting me know you’ve done so.

That’s good for one entry. For additional chances to win, do any of the following:

2. Blog about this giveaway and link back to this page on your blog. Comment below with the link. (1 extra entry)

3. Sign up for my weekly email newsletter using the form below. Leave a comment below telling me that you signed up. You will also get an entry if you already subscribe — be sure to leave a comment! (2 extra entries)

4. Follow me on Pinterest and pin the giveaway. Be sure to include the URL to this page in your pin. Follow me on Pinterest here. Leave a comment telling me that you followed & pinned. (1 extra entry)

5. Email 5 friends about the giveaway, with a link to this page. Leave a comment below telling me that you did. (1 extra entry)

6. LIKE my Facebook page and share about the giveaway on Facebook, linking to this post. (2 extra entries!)

There are a total of 9 possible entries!

The giveaway is open only to mainland U.S. residents and will run through Friday, November 30th. The winner will be announced soon thereafter.

(standard disclosures apply)


  1. Lisa H. says

    Thanks for such a great giveaway – My son is gluten free and egg free, and we had no idea a decent commercial bread even existed. We’d love to give it a try!

  2. Terri B says

    I signed up for the mailing list. There was no confirmation of the opt-in. I’m already a member of your mailing list and I’ve already “liked” your page, so no extra entries for me! :)

  3. Jennifer Loret de Mola says

    I signed up for the newsletter! I just found out last week that I can’t have gluten or dairy. Probably best in the long run. Looks like tasty stuff!

  4. says

    Ok I signed up for the email there and I signed up for your email list and followed you on pinterest and pinned the giveaway! for 3 entries Thanks!

  5. Laura Braun says

    Hi! I just signed entered my email to the list! Thank you for spreading the word about this bread. I am looking forward to trying them even if I don’t win! :)

  6. Vanessa says

    Signed up! This would be fabulous as we just learned
    that my 6 year old needs to adapt to a gluten
    free diet ASAP and we are just learning the ropes.

  7. Jenny says

    I already subscribe to Wise Choice email list. I am also already subscribed to your email list and I follow you on facebook. Thanks to you and Wise Choice for this offer!

  8. Mary says

    These look delicious! Hope to win!
    -Signed up for Wise Choice mailing list
    -Already signed up to FR emails
    -Already follow FR on Facebook
    -Already follow FR on Pinterest
    -Shared link on Facebook


  9. Colleen says

    Well I am certainly ready to try some decent non cringe worth GF breads. It has been a dry and dusty decade in the bread arena.

  10. Kara Hallis says

    I just signed up! Recently found out that my grandmother & aunt have a gluten intolerance. I am now having similar symptoms and I’m 23.. Starting to reduce the amounts of gluten in my diet. Also, my dogs have a gluten allergy and had seizures as a symptom!

  11. Liz H says

    I visited the website and signed up for email notifications. All of the breads sound amazing!!! They even sell bone broth!

  12. Teri Niemand says

    I cannot wait to try these breads. They look delicious and the ingredients look healthier than most GF breads. Thank you

  13. Carlanna Leung says

    I would love to try the delicious breads. I signed up for the giveaway by joining the mail list on Wise Choice Market and I also signed up for your newsletter.

  14. Emily O. says

    HELLO Ciao Chia bread! My stomach is already growling. YUM!!
    wise choice market: check
    food renegade newsletter: check
    pinterest: check
    Looking forward to hours of going down the internet rabbit hole with these great resources.

  15. Karin Noyes says

    I signed up for Wise Choice Markets mailing list. I already like your facebook page and follow you on pinterest. And btw this bread looks yummy awesome.

  16. Jennifer Harrell says

    5 friends about the giveaway, with a link to this page. Leave a comment below telling me that you did. (1 extra entry)


  17. Jennifer Harrell says

    6. LIKE my Facebook page and share about the giveaway on Facebook, linking to this post. (2 extra entries!)

    Already liked your page on FB, but also shared your FB post!

  18. Lydia says

    This bread looks marvelous! I recently joined the GF community while trying to heal from Lyme’s disease. Love your blog and ideas for cooking. :)

    I signed up on the Wise Choice Market page and I am already subscribed to your email newsletter.

    Thanks for hosting this giveaway!

  19. Angela Barnett says

    Mission complete. My daughter was diagnosed with celiac at 9 yrs of age.. Which makes finding breads she likes so much harder since she has all ready taking a liking to the gluten containing bread. There are not much she likes in the gluten free version!

  20. Ann says

    I would love to try this bread! I am signed up for newsletters, Pinterest and Facebook. Keep up the great work! I love your blog!

  21. Leslie says

    Looking forward to trying these breads. I’ve eaten rice bread and was underwhelmed, at best. I’d like to try other types, these look as good as anything I’ve seen anywhere.

  22. says

    I signed up for the mailing list (1 entry)
    for the weekly newsletter (2 entries)
    and liked on facebook & shared the link (2 entries)

    5 entries altogether… is that enough to win?? I hope so :)

  23. Leah says

    How deliciously wonderful! : ) I just signed up for Wise Choice Market’s newsletter. Thanks so very much for this truly generous giveaway! : )

  24. says

    I tried to sign up for Wise Choice Market’s newsletter, but got this error after several attempts: “The requested URL /form_submissions/create/ was not found on this server.” This is the URL of that error: “”. I will keep trying until I get it done but wanted you to know what was happening.

  25. Emily says

    I signed up for your newsletter – my husband and 2 year old son are gluten-free and we’d love these. So sick of the processed junk in the store.

  26. Emily says

    I signed up for the Wise Choice Market newsletter – my husband and 2 year old son are gluten-free and we’d love these!

  27. jessica says

    i like you on fb
    i followed you on pintrest
    i joined the GF site for newsletter/updates etc..
    i signed up to your newsletter

  28. Tamela says

    I clicked on the link, signed up for the Wise Choice Market’s mailing list – confirming that I’ve opted into the list, I am back here letting you know that I’ve done so.

  29. Helen says

    newsletter, Pinterest, already “Liked” your FB page for some time now, “Shared” link about giveaway! Would LOVE to try some gluten-free breads, just diagnosed with Celiac Disease recently, so still pretty new to all of this. Thanks for all you do!!! Really enjoy your page!!

  30. sammi says

    I am new to the gluten/GMO free lifestyle. We are still working out the kinks and most is good but have not been happy with a lot of the breads so would love to try these. I did what you asked to enter so I am all good! Love your site so informative, thank you :)

  31. Deanna Braun says

    I am a current subscriber and I love all the info you provide. I signed up for the Wise Choice Market’s info. Thanks :) I hope I win; I would like to try the new bread out on my daughter who has celiac disease.

  32. Marcia Clausen says

    Hi, I signed onto their email list.
    I would love to win the breads and try them.
    I already receive your newsletter and love it.

  33. Vickie says

    Thank you for the opportunity to win these yummy breads and the introduction to the Wise Choice Market! I’m already signed up for your newsletter and I love it! Thanks again!

  34. martha chabinsky says

    I signed up for the emails updates at Wise Choice Market and want to try this new bread. I am not happy with the ingredients of the GF bread I am eating presently. Thanks so much for posting about this!

  35. says

    I feed my dogs a healthy RAW diet, and need to wean myself OFF of wheat products…would LOVE to win this and give these wonderful products a try…Thanks for the chance. Connie

  36. A.S.K. says

    Just subscribed to their email list!
    Given that the gluten-free loaves I saw at brick-and-mortar stores are like crumbly bricks, it’d be great to try something else.

  37. Cheryl Palmer says

    Excellent give away! I have not been able to eat any gluten for the past year and have been searching for a source of edible bread. The search has not been successful yet! Whether I win or not I am thankful for the info and will give them the chance to win me over! Thanks!!

  38. Brenda says

    I have entered the Wise Choice Market email.
    We would love to try their breads.
    I also receive your newsletter and am learning a lot about eating whole foods.
    Thanks, Brenda

  39. Dez says

    Hi! I signed up for the Wise Choice newsletter. I also subscribe to your newsletter and am a FB fan. Thanks for all the great info and recipes :)

  40. Mieke Clincy says

    Thanks for hosting this giveaway! If I win, I want to donate my winnings to a family that could benefit more than I would. I signed up for the newsletter, and now I’m going over to become a fan of your page!

  41. Anita Porterfield says

    Since being diagnosed with celiac disease two years ago I have not had one single bite of bread because the ingredients included chemicals that I do not want to consume. I subscribed to the Wise Choice Market’s newsletter, re-pinned you on Pinterest, and liked you on Facebook. I can’t wait to taste the Manna-Organics gluten free bread!

  42. Maria Roqueta says

    Thanks for offering FREE gluten-free bread! I just signed up and recently went on a wheat/gluten free diet, and love the way I feel. I was looking for a yummie bread too. So thanks for sharing!

  43. says

    Posted to pinterest, liked on facebook, already on the newsletter list, entered on the website and I regularly link to your website on my website, cuz you are awesome and I am a solider in your army.

  44. Amy Prestridge says

    Just entered the drawing for the Organic Gluten-Free Bread! I am so excited to find it. Even if I don’t win the prize, I will be ordering the sampler. Thanks for always sharing great healthy info!!

  45. says

    I signed up, already liked page a while ago. Happy to see a new bread product on the market. The ones I’ve tried are not so good and since I am converting my husband to wheat free this opportunity to sample GF bread is a great way to ease him away from wheat. Thanks for the opportunity to sample. D.

  46. Linda G says

    I’m looking forward to trying the Manna Gluten-Free Breads. I’m always looking for delicious breads…Have high hopes for the Manna brand.

  47. annmarie says

    I’m already signed up for your newsletter. LOVE it! I signed up for the free bread entry and hope to win. If not I’ll probably try it anyway, it looks so good! I also emailed 5 friends the link. I liked your fb page too!

  48. Teresa says

    I have signed up for the Wist Choice Foods newsletter, I am already subscribed for your newsletter and I already “LOVE” your Facebook page! Signing up for Pintest now!! :-)

  49. sami says

    signed up for the occasional e-newsletter. thanks for letting us know about this great bread that is both GF and Organic!

  50. Leslie says

    I filled in the form and clicked the link to sign up for the newsletter at Wise Choice but there is no confirmation that it completed the action.

    I would love to hear from them – hope it went through!


  51. Julien says

    Subscribed to their newsletter as well as yours. These breads look amazing! And you’re right, gluten-free doesn’t mean healthy. I can’t believe all the atrocities we can find even in health food stores. Cheers for supporting companies with INTEGRITY!

  52. Patty Seifert says

    I regularly make low carb bread and whole grain bread for that great guy I live with. I would love to get the gluten free for my dear niece!

  53. Orlando Alexander says

    Healthy fooood, taste so gooood…..

    I’ve been subscribed to this most informative newsletter, and just liked dat facebook.


  54. Candice says

    I entered by clicking on the link. I’m excited about this giveaway since it’s coming at a time where our family can’t really afford to eat as healthy as we want (grass fed stuff). Yay for beans…

  55. Thea says

    Subscribed to the Wise Market, already on your list, now following you on pinterest too :) Thanks for keeping us up to date about great products!

  56. terri weston says

    i just entered the giveaway! i found out after i had my daughter that i have rheumatiod arth. and i went gluten free and then i had gluten one day and oh man did my arthritis flare up!! so i would love to try this bread to see if i would want to order it normally! i work at a coop and we only sell two brands and they;re not the best!! thanks so much!

  57. Susan Mills says

    I entered the Wise Choice bread giveaway.
    Love your newsletter!! My 9 yr old granddaughter was recently found to be gluten sensitive and her choices of bread is slim here. We will be looking at the WC website in depth for choices a child would like. Thank you.

  58. Shari W says

    I was already subscribed at Wise Choice Market…so the link isn’t working for me …?

    I’m already a subscriber to your weekly newsletter – and have liked you on FB.

  59. Michelle says

    Just signed up for the GF bread giveaway. I’m just starting a GF diet. I am also excited to find out about the Wise Choice Store!

  60. Roxi says

    I like Food Renegade on FB and I have signed up for the mailing list at Wise Choice Market and for a chance to win the bread. :) Thanks!!

  61. Ashlee Fackrell says

    I’m new to being gluten free and would love to try some breads. Found out I’m allergic to my 2 fav good groups dairy and gluten :( but trying new gluten free options. Would love to try this company out. Thank you foot the info on healthier eating.

  62. mickey alderman says

    I have added myself to your newletter and contest. We have food allergies and I typically gourmet cook everything our family needs. Occassionally mama/teacher needs a break and is looking for new foods to try. Hoping this works out for our vegan diet. thanks and take care, mickey

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