Giveaway: 3 $50 Gift Certificates to Primal Pit Paste

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Are you hunting for 100% natural body care products that are aluminum-free, paraben-free, and so non-toxic your two year old could eat them?

If you’ve been a reader of mine for a while, you know that my favorite deodorant is the Thyme & Lemongrass scented variety from my sponsor Primal Pit Paste. It “kills the odor without killing the body.”

In 2014, they’ve launched an entirely new line of products — Go Primal Body Whip, Go Primal Pucker Paste, and Go Primal PoPo Powder. And this week, I’m giving away a $50 Gift Certificate for all their products to three of you lucky readers.

What would you spend $50 on?

The variety in their store is fantabulous. (Yes, I made up a word!)

They have deodorants in both paste and stick form, extra-strong deodorants for athletes, deodorants for children, and even deodorants for those with sensitive skin — all with ingredient lists that are simple to parse.

For example, my own Thyme & Lemongrass deodorant has these ingredients:

  • organic shea butter,
  • organic coconut oil,
  • organic arrowroot powder,
  • aluminum free baking soda,
  • essential oils

They also carry a Go Primal Body Whip that’s downright luxurious and a line of Go Primal Pucker Paste (with flavors like Orange Creamsicle!) that puts most petroleum-based lip balms to shame.

The PoPo Powder? An epiphany! I confess, it never occurred to me to use a deodorizing herbal body powder for down under. Call me ignorant. I didn’t realize such things existed.

But like your armpits, your groin has a heavy concentration of apocrine glands. It’s no wonder you can get so stinky after workouts or during that time of the month. I used to assume that I simply had to live with any odors and rely on bathing to keep them in check.

Now I use the PoPo Powder daily. It’s light, non-irritating, and free of toxic chemicals and talc.

Just sayin’.

How to Enter to Win

Entry is super simple.

The first and only mandatory entry is to sign up for the Primal Pit Paste newsletter. (I subscribe, and I assure you it’s non-spammy and they won’t share your email address with others.)

Click here to sign up for the Primal Pit Paste Newsletter.

That is worth 2 entries!

The second step is to verify your entry using the Raffelcopter widget below. Inside the widget, you’ll also be given the opportunity to acquire extra entries for following Primal Pit Paste’s social media channels. Those entries are all optional.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Hurry! This giveaway ends Sunday, January 12th at midnight.

It’s open to participants worldwide, and the winner will be announced on January 14th, 2014.


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