2009 You Were A Good Year

Everybody’s doing it. Why shouldn’t I?

These are the top ten hottest posts of 2009 here at Food Renegade — the most viewed, most commented. Some of them are simply useful information; others are quite controversial. Hope you enjoy this look back!

10. Healthy Milk: What to Buy — A useful post on how to prioritize your milk buying (if you drink milk). This post has had an average of 1,000 views per month and invited 41 comments.

9. How to Brew Kombucha: Double Fermentation Method — Definitely full of useful information, this post has seen 47 comments and an average of 1,200 views per month.

8. How To Lose Weight Fast With Coconut Oil — I’m not sure whether it’s the advice about weight loss, or the fact that it’s all about the wonders of coconut oil. In any case, this post sees an average of 1,250 visitors per month and garnered 38 comments.

7. How To Make Butter — People want to know how to make butter. Since published in the middle of May, 2009, this post has averaged about 1,500 views per month and elicited 42 comments.

6. How To Make Buttermilk — This single post has averaged about 1,700 views per month, more than 19,000 since it went up in January of 2009.

5. How To Grow A Kombucha Scoby — Everyone wants to know how to grow these babies since buying them can be expensive. More than 18,000 views since February of 2009.

4. Buttery Patty Pan Squash With Basil — I guess people needed good recipes for patty pan squash because this single recipe has had an average of 1,800 views per month. During the summer, this was my most searched for post.

3. Julie And Julia: A Lovable Movie — It’s just a movie review, but more than 2,300 people per month think it’s interesting enough to read it. I think it has to do with the scoop revealed about the real Julie Powell’s blog (hinted at in the post and explored more deeply in the comments).

2. Dangers of Soy — Controversial and full of useful information on the dangers of soy, this post has only been up for three months yet still sees an average of 3,100 visitors per month. It’s also elicited 100 comments!

1. Eating Real Food on A Budget — This post went up in July, invited more than 50 comments, and has averaged more than 3,200 views per month since then.


  1. says

    I think out of your 1200 views on “how to grow a SCOBY” and “How to brew kombucha” , at least 500 of them were me clicking back and forth on the recipes. :)

    Happy New Year and congrats on your new little one coming soon!

  2. Icarus says

    Lots of good stuff this past year. I think my favorite thing is that the site further moved away from the flawed Cordain model of paleolithic eating to emphasize the importance of animal foods and saturated fats, without losing the wisdom of choosing the plant foods we eat wisely. And, of course, the fact that even with a book out, this site continues to provide great information to readers for free. Keep up the good work, all.

    This comment was originally posted on Mark’s Daily Apple

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