Win 3 Free Starter Cultures

Cultures For Health, one of my sponsors, is hosting a fantastic giveaway this week! One of you lucky people will win your choice of three free starter cultures from the Cultures For Health store. Want to make sourdough? Kombucha? Yogurt? Kefir? Buttermilk?

Julie, the talented and sweet mastermind behind Cultures For Health, provides starter cultures for just about every kind of traditional food out there. And, she offers a HUGE variety, too. In addition to starters, Cultures For Health also provides all the supplies you could ever need to begin: dehydrators, sprouting trays, glass jars, books, you name it.

So, are you interested in winning your three starters?

Please Note: This contest has now ended. Entries are being tallied, and the winner will be announced Sunday, August 23rd!

Enter To Win 3 Free Starter Cultures

The first step to entering the contest is to click on the link below.

(Note: If you can’t see the link above, it is because you have ad blocking software enabled. Please disable your ad blocker to participate in the giveaway.)



  1. says

    I’ve signed up over at Cultures for Health and I’ve tweeted about it! This is a fabulous giveaway! Thanks and good luck everyone!
    .-= Brie

  2. says

    I follow the blog via RSS on Bloglines.

    (Incidentally, I don’t see the link. I just went through this witch Kelly’s giveaway, too. I can see the js in the raw code but nothing is showing up for me. And, I have js turned on and no ad blocking tech. Plus I’ve checked on multiple browsers. Just thought I’d FYI.)

    Thanks for bringing the giveaway to us readers!
    .-= Leanne Palmerston

  3. jason says

    1. I already subscribe to your RSS feed.
    2. I clicked on the link above. The link didn’t show in Google reader (although advertisements often do show), but did show when I came to your page.

    Thank you for the opportunity of a giveaway.

  4. Betsy says

    Oh boy, another chance to win more cultures – not that there’s anything wrong with the ones I’ve already tried, mind you.

    I subscribe to your blog.

    I tweeted about this.

    My tweets go to Facebook.

    I entered the contest, too. :)

    Thanks for the giveaways; they’re always fun.

  5. Cynthia Winter says

    I’m already a subscriber. This past summer I made yogurt and kefir. And I love it. I’m eating it everyday. There’s a great book called The Probiotics Revolution that I am reading and it’s great. I highly recommend it.
    Love your newsletter!

  6. Kitty says

    I am already signed up for your RSS feed, emailed five friends, AND signed up for the site. I *really* want this! I’ve been ogling their things for a long time and could spend so much money there!

  7. says

    Only the kombucha cultures can’t ship outside the US? Hopefully! because I’m in Canada. I’m in for #2: I already subscribe to you with email updates.
    .-= Marg

  8. Sarah says

    I entered,blogged, emailed,stumbled, and am following you. I am having twitter issues lol. I have been eyeing up ao much on their site i dont know where to begin! lol.


  9. Nanci Garon says

    I am a subscriber and love your news and recipes!
    Haven’t made yogurt for a very long time, but would love to start again!

  10. says

    Katie & All — It looks like the link to the entry form was broken and directed many of you to the CFH home page. That has been fixed, and the link will now take you to the contest entry form. Sorry for the inconvenience!!

  11. WSB says

    I’m a subscriber who doesn’t yet blog or tweet, and I’m still trying to get a grip on stumbling.
    But I really enjoyed the Wild Fermentation goes mainstream post, especially this part:

    “U.S. Department of Agriculture research service microbiologist Fred Breidt says properly fermented vegetables are actually safer than raw vegetables,”

    I’ve made pickles for many years with vinegar; these wild ferments are so much better!

  12. Olivia says

    I already subscribe to your blog, signed up at the site, and would love the opportunity to win free starter cultures!! I wish I had a twitter to tweet, but I dont :(

  13. Dalyn says

    I stumbled this post!
    I am already receiving your blog updates vis RSS

    So glad I found your blog and am thankful for what you do to keep the information coming.

  14. says

    I entered the contest.

    I Tweeted about it.

    My Tweets go to Facebook.

    I subscribe to your blog (love it!).

    And I follow you on Twitter.

    I’ve never made my own yogurt or kefir but definitely think now is the time to try. Thanks for the fun contest!
    .-= Catherine

  15. Brandie says

    Hooray I am so in need of some culture in my life hehe! Love your blog!!
    Ok I rss’d you, twittered you, stumbled you…consider yourself stalked and myself signed up :0)

  16. Mary says

    Sweet! I already subscribe to your RSS feed and I just stumbled this post for you (oh and I clicky clicked the link too). love your blog!

  17. says

    I just went and looked at all the great sourdough starters offered. They look so good! We are in the midst of making our first batch of villi yogurt. Can’t wait to try it. :)

  18. noahb says

    Love your blog! In addition to entering the giveaway, I subscribed to e-mail updates and sent an e-mail to 5 of my friends. Thanks!

  19. Sara C. says

    I entered the contest on the Cultures for Health website.

    I ‘tweeted’ about it.

    I ‘stumbled’ on it.

    I signed up for your RSS feed.

    And, I e-mail 5 peeps the post.

    Thanks for the chances to win!


  20. Annie says

    Entered, tweeted, stumbled, already subscribed, blogged and e-mailed, all before breakfast. Tell the truth – this giveaway was inspired by my tweets about my pitiful attempts at kombucha starter, wasn’t it? ūüėČ Thanks!

  21. Michele says


    I followed you on Twitter and tweeted about giveaway.
    I posted giveaway on my Facebook.
    I subscribed to your updates and feeds.
    I emailed 5 friends.
    I entered giveaway.


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