Snake Oil, Organic Labeling, Summer Recipes, and More

Everybody loves Thursdays. Today, I’ve got five more interesting Real Food finds for you, most of them news related. Hope you enjoy!

First, Dr. Eades comments on a recent government-funded study into the efficacy of alternative medicines. His conclusion? “If alternative medicines are going to be held to scientific standards, so should be pharmaceuticals. Snake oil is snake oil no matter what its bottle it looks like.”

Next up, Johns Hopkins University researchers had the gall to investigate a troubling source of antibiotic resistant disease causing pathogens — the American factory farm.

Janet at Foodperson shared a lovely, summery recipe for Raw Beet Salad With Napa And Orange. Oh my, does it look delightful!

Marion Nestle, author of Food Politics: How The Food Industry Influences Nutrition And Health, answered reader questions about what exactly the certified organic label means. You may be surprised to read some of her answers. For example, did you know that the certified organic label doesn’t mean that everything in the product is organic, just a certain percentage?

Jenny at The Nourished Kitchen shared a basic, yet tasty recipe for how to make beef stock. Check out the glorious picture of just how gelatinous her finished stock is! Now that’s what we’re looking for when we make stock.


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    I really liked the ‘organic’ link! Further info- non-food items such as beauty products and clothing, only need 70% certified organic ingredients to be labeled as ‘certified organic’. That’s why sometimes you’ll see ‘food grade certified organic’ on beauty labels- they are letting you know that they are following food grade regulations. :)


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    Thanks for the link love! I was embarrassingly pleased with how solid that stock came out. It was SO good but you have to eat it hot otherwise it starts to gel as the soup cools and that’s not very palatable.

    Jenny @ Nourished Kitchen

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