Julia Child On David Letterman

Julia Child on David Letterman

Julia Child cracks me up. Pair her with David Letterman, and you have a recipe for Saturday afternoon frivolity. At least, that’s what I hope this is!

My favorite part of the video below? David Letterman asks Julia Child, “What do you get from eating uncooked meat?” And Julia Child, responds matter-of-factly, “You get healthy!” She ends up making a poor-man’s version of Steak Tartare. Seeing the clip reminded me that I plan on posting my own recipe for Southwestern Steak Tartare later this week.

Anyhow, I hope you’re enjoying your weekend, and that you find the clip below of Julia Child on David Letterman as entertaining as I did!

Special thinks to @DrEades for tweeting this today! Too funny.

(photo by rakka)


  1. says

    David: Have you ever cooked anything awful?
    Julia: Sure I have
    David: What do you with it?
    Julia: I give it to my husband

    That was the funniest line EVER! Loved it!

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