Enroll In A Free Webinar About How To Prepare Grains

Are you familiar with webinars? They’re live online classes where the teacher and students can interact together. As a student, you’ll log on to the webinar’s website and see a live feed of your teacher and her desktop. She’ll probably have a presentation up and walk you through the slides, videos, and other visuals to teach you the class materials. You’ll also be signed into a chat room where you can ask the teacher questions as she presents. It’s basically like attending a seminar, but on the web (hence “webinar”).

This Thursday, February 9th at 7PM EST, Ann Marie of Cheeseslave is hosting a FREE webinar on how to prepare healthy, whole grains! Unfortunately, space is limited and is filling up quickly, so if you want to participate you should go reserve your slot now.

In this free webinar, you’ll cover:

  • What kinds of whole grains can be sprouted
  • How soaking, sprouting and using sourdough neutralize anti-nutrients like phytic acid
  • When to sprout, when to soak, and when to use sourdough
  • How to make whole grains kid-friendly
  • How to save time preparing whole grains
  • How to save money preparing whole grains

The webinar will provide a good, thorough introduction to the principles behind Ann Marie’s new Healthy, Whole Grains E-Course. So, if you’re at all curious about how grains can be made more nutrient-dense and easier-to-digest, go sign up for the free webinar now!

What if I sign up, but can’t make it to the live webinar?

No worries! Ann Marie will be recording the webinar so that you can go back and watch it again later.

Remember, space is limited. Enrollment in the free webinar opened up less than 24 hours ago, and the class is already half full! So, go sign up now to ensure you get a spot.

(photo by cheeseslave)


  1. says

    I would like to know if you would be selling the course on d.v.d,seeing I and others would have missed it? Also can a person that is gluten sensitive be able to eat the sour dough breads and some of the other recipes? I have had to change my whole diet and am interested in your course. Thank You,please let me know and the price if you should sell the course. Debbie Rajotte

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