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Food Renegade App Now Available — Don’t miss the community photos!


Last month, I let my geek flag fly. How did I do it? I built a new custom desktop computer. One of my friends helped me build it, and while talking to him about exactly what I wanted my computer to do and how I planned on using it I had an epiphany.

In 5 years time, the only people using desktop computers will be geeks, gamers, and grandmas. The rest of us will be entirely on mobile devices of some kind.

Right now, nearly 70% of the traffic to Food Renegade comes via mobile devices — about 50% on phones and about 20% on tablets.

Just a year ago that number was at about 30%.

You see my point? Mobile is the future. Because of that, I’m excited beyond words to announce the arrival of a Food Renegade app!

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The Best of 2012: Food Renegade’s Year in Review

Food Renegade Best of 2012

As one day slips into another, it’s hard to remember that any individual day can mark milestones. But days are all about remembrance.

We use them to mark the monumental, to build a cairn in our mind’s eye. You remember the day you named your son, the first time you held your daughter in your arms, the moment your loved one journeyed from life into death. You celebrate anniversaries, holy days, and new years.

Tomorrow marks a new year. Before I begin it, I want to be properly thankful for what has passed. Thus, I am sharing with you The Best of 2012, a series of awards acknowledging this year’s milestones for Food Renegade. Hope you enjoy!

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Spiced Apples, Onions, and Beans over Butternut Squash


Winter squash is one of those perfect foods, in my book. It grows readily here on our Texas homestead and can be stored as is with no additional energy input from the freezer or canner. It’s also downright tasty with some grass-fed butter on top.

And that’s just how I most frequently serve it up – as a buttered side dish.

But in order to eat plenty of the stuff I need to keep it interesting and so I came up with this dish. Freshly baked and buttered squash becomes the base of something warm, spiced, and delicious. Apples and onions come together for a sweet addition along with savory spices like garlic and ginger, which I like to feed my family on a regular basis for their immune-boosting properties.

The buttery squash is the perfect juxtaposition to the spiced topping, making this a great meal to welcome in the fall season.

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