Do you want to be whole, well, healthy, and fit? Me too. I think it’s a normal desire, but many of us just don’t see how we’ll get there.

We are sickened by our diets, sickened by our environment and stress, sickened by our sedentary lifestyles. And we are busy. So busy that we can’t imagine making real, lasting change.

There is hope. You CAN change.

And I can help you make those changes. I’m a holistic nutrition & wellness coach. Don’t know what that is?

Put simply, it means I help people achieve their full wellness potential using a holistic approach to nutrition. I believe that Real Food, as nature intended, provides the medicine we need to obtain and maintain a state of health.

Not all people are created the same, and there is no one diet that fits all.

But together, I’ll help you understand your metabolic type so you can eat the foods best suited to you. This holistic approach towards wellness combines science (biochemistry and nutrition) with functional fitness (natural movement exercises) in order to return patients to good health.

Many conditions can be relieved effectively with this holistic approach to nutrition & wellness, including obesity, chronic fatigue, energy loss, insomnia, depression, backache, skin complaints, asthma, and headaches. It can also help you prevent or cope with chronic diseases such as heart disease, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and diabetes.

Holistic Nutrition & Wellness Coaching Services

I offer:

  • group classes on grocery store navigation (an aisle by aisle walk through the supermarket, showing you how to make sense of competing health claims & labels)
  • group classes on traditional whole foods preparation techniques
  • group discussions & support groups
  • kitchen clean outs (learn what foods you can keep and what you should toss)
  • individual, one-on-one counseling

Distance is not a barrier.

While many of these are services only available locally to those living in the Austin area, perhaps the most important one isn’t — individual, one-on-one nutrition & wellness counseling.

We can do that on the phone.

So, choose a plan that works for you.

The One Month Jump Start
Pick this plan if you know you’re an achiever, if you know what you need to be doing but are having trouble staying on track. I’ll help you set achievable goals and stay accountable. The plan includes:

  • Nutrition Profile Evaluation & Wellness Assessment — One Hour Initial Consultation
  • Weekly One Hour Coaching Calls for the next 4 weeks

($375 — payable in a single $100 deposit and 2 installments)

The Three Month Complete Wellness Program
If you’ve tried a host of “diets” following the advice of different diet dictocrats, all with varying levels of success and never really making the lifestyle changes necessary to whole body health & fitness, this is the plan for you.

I’ll show you how to make real, lasting changes to your eating habits — how to choose and prepare satisfying nutrient-dense foods that will heal your body, help you lose weight, and keep you & your family well. Plus, I’ll help you set realistic goals and stay accountable to someone so that you can experience the change you’ve always longed for. The plan includes:

  • Nutrition Profile Evaluation & Wellness Assessment — One Hour Initial Consultation
  • Weekly One Hour Coaching Calls for the next 12 weeks
  • Unlimited Access to Me (via email or phone)

($1,275 — payable in a single $300 deposit and 3 installments)

The Any-Time Call
Got a quick question, need a little motivation, or want to try a Kitchen Clean Out over the phone?

($15/10 minutes — payable in a $15 deposit and the rest upon call completion)

If you’re interested in any of these options, please feel free to CONTACT ME to get started today!