WINNER: Surf & Turf Course PLUS COUPON

The time has come. With just two days left to enroll in Ann Marie’s upcoming Surf & Turf e-course, I’m ready to announce the winner to this week’s giveaway. Ann Marie has also graciously given my readers a coupon for $20 off the enrollment fee. If you pay with her 4 month installment plan, that brings the price down to just $30/month for 4 months. Or, if you pay all at once, you can make a single payment of just $100! (Honestly, at less than $8 per class, it’s a smokin’ good deal.)

So, first, let’s congratulate Rebecca K! You’re the lucky winner of a completely free enrollment in Ann Marie’s Surf & Turf e-course.

You’ve got a lot of people envying you at this moment. Why? Because you’ll learn all about various inexpensive cuts of organ meats and how to prepare them in easy ways your entire family will enjoy. You’ll finally master the art of grilling grass-fed meats (you know it’s harder to get right because of how much less fat the meat has). And you’ll get a ton of simple recipes and video tutorials to help you de-mystify how to prepare nutrient-dense seafood.

Take, for example, this Sneak Peek at making Ceviche. You couldn’t find an easier recipe, yet it’s guaranteed to be a fresh, summery dish that’s bursting with flavor.

If you’re interested in getting your hands on that coupon for $20 off, please email me requesting it!

And, if you’d like more information about the class, including a detailed course outline, just click here.

(photo by David Singleton)



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