WINNER & COUPON: Get Cultured Online Class

Last week, I hosted a giveaway for a free enrollment in the Get Cultured! How To Ferment Anything e-course. The online course boasts 13 in-depth lessons jam packed with more than 100 recipes and 50 video tutorials teaching you how to naturally ferment and preserve everything from vegetables to corned beef. I took the e-course last year and was amazed by just how accessible this old-fashioned method of food preservation is.

I learned how to cure my own bacon from from the pork-belly of foraged hogs. I learned how to make homemade sodas rich in probiotic goodness. I got tips on how to improve my dairy ferments like kefir and sour cream. I even learned how to make an old-fashioned mead and other health-promoting tonics.

Today, I get to announce the winner from last week’s giveaway. And, I’m going to tell you how you can get $100 off this e-course, reducing the enrollment price to a mere $97!

First, let me congratulate the winner of last week’s giveaway: Sarah H. Sarah, I’ve emailed you at the address you provided to get the ball rolling so you can collect your prize.

How to Save More Than $100

If you’re interested in taking the e-course, now is the time to do it. It will never be offered at a lower price!

The course regularly sells for $199. But, through May 31st, it’s on sale for $147. (Yep. You read that right. For those of you who’ve been paying attention to this sale, you probably just noticed that it was extended for one extra week! Hopefully that means that more of you will have the opportunity to take advantage of these savings.)

Plus, if you use coupon code SAUERKRAUT, you can take an additional $50 off that discounted price to register for the e-course for just $97!

Click here to register for the e-course and lock-in your savings.

What if I can’t take the e-course right now?

That’s okay! When you register, you’ll get a lifetime enrollment. That means that you can access the lessons at your own pace, whenever you want, even if it’s years from now. I’m proof of this. I took Get Cultured more than a year ago, but I still log in to the e-course from time to time to re-watch a video or download a tutorial or set of recipes I misplaced.

Click here to learn more about what’s covered in each lesson.

What if I can’t afford the full $97?

That’s okay, too! Jenny has generously offered a payment plan that will spread the payments out across three months.

Click here to learn more about the payment plan.

What if I just want to take one or two lessons right away?

Maybe you’re most interested in learning how to naturally cure meats. Or perhaps you’d like to master dairy ferments. Or maybe you really want to learn how to whip together old-fashioned condiments like mayonnaise, mustard, and pickles because you think that’ll be the easiest food to transition your family to eating these wonderfully healthy, naturally fermented foods.

If you want to take a particular lesson first, you can! The e-course is set up in such a way that you’ll have instant access to all the workshops. So, you can pick and choose which ones you’ll take first, and you can put off taking the ones that don’t interest you as much until later.

Click here to learn more about what’s covered in each lesson.

Why are you promoting this e-course so heavily, anyway?

1. Because I can.
2. Because I am enrolled in this course, and I wholeheartedly enjoy it. The lessons are well put together, professional, and full of high-quality information I hadn’t received anywhere else.
3. Because I’ll make a small commission every time one of you enrolls, and I’ve got to do something to earn money and put real food on my family’s dinner table. Why not promote an e-course that I love?
4. Because I know Jenny, and I believe in supporting my friends.
5. Because I believe that these naturally-fermented foods are one of the primary keys to unlocking our potential for health & wellness.
6. Because I think you’ll love this e-course, too!


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