Win An Enrollment In The Healthy Whole Grains Class

In the current renegade nutrition climate, “Healthy, Whole Grains” often seems like an oxymoron. We owe that to the rise of gluten intolerance as well as the number of people who find improved health through ditching grains altogether. Yet, many traditional food cultures around the world have successfully incorporated grains into their diets without any ill effects at all. These people remain just as robust as ever, just as free of diabetes, obesity, and heart disease. How is this even possible?

I think of grain-free diets the same way that I think of a high raw food diet — helpful for particular kinds of healing, but not the be-all-end-all-diet-for-optimum-health. In other words, some people with particular kinds of hormonal imbalances or damaged gut flora will benefit greatly from removing grains from their diet altogether. But, as most people on the grain-free GAPS Diet have found, these same people can return to eating properly prepared grains once they’ve effectively been healed.

The key words here are “properly prepared” — grains that are prepared via sprouting or fermentation (like a traditional sourdough).

That level of preparation can be intimidating. It’s virtually impossible to find grains prepared this way in your local supermarket. Most so-called sourdoughs are just commercially prepared yeast breads with a bit of sour-tasting starter thrown in. And while sprouted grain sandwich bread is available in many places (thanks to Ezekiel brand and Alvarado Street Bakery), good luck finding sprouted grain tortillas, bagels, or English muffins. So, if you want to introduce these properly prepared grains into your diet, you’re likely looking at learning how to prepare them all from scratch at home.

That’s why I’m so pleased to introduce you to Ann Marie of Cheeselave‘s latest e-course on how to prepare Healthy, Whole Grains.

In her upcoming e-course, students will receive more than 100 tried and true recipes using properly prepared grains. You’ll learn how to make a perfect pie crust, no-knead bread, and sourdough pancakes (and so much more).

Featuring more than 50 video tutorials, the e-course will be like having a tutor right in your own kitchen, showing you the tips and tricks you need to be successful. No more trial and error. No more sourdough flops. No more wasting tons of expensive ingredients trying to master the art of baking with properly prepared grains.

Click here to find out more about the Healthy, Whole Grains E-Course.

You Can Win A Free Enrollment

To win a free enrollment in the e-course, simply follow the instructions on the Rafflecopter widget below.

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How to Save $70 On Enrollment

The e-course normally costs $199, but if you enroll on or before February 14th, you can automatically save $50 and register for just $149!

PLUS, if you use coupon code SPROUT20 on or before February 7th, you can save an additional $20, bringing enrollment down to just $129!

Click here to save $70 on enrollment.

Need A Payment Plan?

Ann Marie is generously offering a 3-month payment plan for those who can’t afford the single payment price. Click here for more details!

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  1. Linda says

    This sounds so exciting! I was just talking with a friend about making healthy breads, and didn’t know where to start. Hoping I win this class!

  2. Nourished Maven says

    This is one of those areas where you don’t know, what you don’t know and after the introductory video, I realize there is a lot I do not know and need to learn.

  3. says

    Some friends and I were just discussing grains and their impact on our health. I was explaining a bit about sprouting and soaking, but really don’t know much other than the theory behind it! Would love to take the class.

  4. Anna H. says

    woohoo!! I really hope I win this, just started soaking grains a few months ago and I’d really like to continue on learning of practices and techniques that I am unaware of. =)

  5. Carrie says

    I would like to take this course because I am relatively new to the world of whole/living food. I am a little lost and my sourdoughs are not coming out real great. I would love to be able to understand how to work with grains in a way that it is manageable, simple and healthy for me and my son. I am a single working mother. Convienience, quantity and edibility is definitely a factor when feeding a teenaged son! He is overweight even though he is pretty active and eats well (not too much soda, sugar, etc) But I think all the refined stuff will only make his health worse! I’ve been eating this way but getting him to eat like I do is quite a task. As close as I can get to making things he’s used to but that are whole and healthy, the better for both of us! So many times I bumble around my kitchen, just wishing there was someone who could show me how so much of this is done. As much as I love learning the hands-on, trial and error way, it would make life quite a bit easier.

  6. evonne burris says

    i wish this class was in the budget, winning is about the only way i’ll be able to do it right now… thanks for the chance!!

  7. Michelle S. says

    Our family grinds our our grain but it would be great if we could learn how to get as much nutritional value from our food as possible. My sour dough breads have all been flops. I can’t wait to learn about grains!

  8. cara robb says

    would love to win a free entry.. been really trying to learn more about this and an e-course that consolidates all of this information would be a blessing to this busy new mom!

  9. Leanne says

    Getting started switching my family over to a traditional diet. I’ve replaced all the fat in my house with butter, olive oil, lard, coconut oil – nothing but natural fats for us! This is the next step and having someone walk me through it on video couldn’t be more exciting! Hope I win!

  10. Lindsay Lewis says

    My husband and I have been improving our diet as we educate ourselves on traditional foods and how to prepare them, but grains are still something we struggle with. I have no idea how to soak grains, and am intimidated by it, so this would be the perfect opportunity to learn!

  11. Jennett says

    I am interested in this course because my son is gluten intolerant and might be able to benefit by some of this. The rest of us are not gluten intolerant, as far as I know, but it would benefit me to know the best ways to prepare grains for easy digestion.

  12. Liz says

    Ohhh. This is just what I’ve been seeking. I definitely could use this course about now. I do sprout some grains, but really don’t know what I’m doing. More importantly, I am caring for my 86 year old mom and am doing my best to have the cleanest, freshest, healthiest foods to keep her going strong. Pick me, pick me! Thanks.

    ps I love Food Renegade, glad to find out about you, too! <3

  13. HollymMead says

    I have Crohn’s Disease and have struggled with proper grain preparation. . .it seems like such a pain, so I could use the tutorial!

  14. Joyce Kasper says

    I am so exicted about this course! I have been totally intimidated by making sourdough bread and working with sprouted grains for some reason. I’ve jumped into bone broths, yogurt and kefir with no problems but I’ve put off sprouted grains. This is just what I need to get me over the hump.

  15. Karen says

    With a 12 year old diagnosed with rhuematoid arthritis, properly prepared grains are vital. I’d like to be sure we are getting everything possible out of our food.

  16. says

    I would love to win this course! We’re just in the beginning stages of eating and cooking traditionally and this would be such a huge help! Thanks for the chance. ~stephinie

  17. Catherine says

    This sounds absolutely amazing, but even with the heavy discount I can’t afford it. Hope I win!! I have bought some sprouted flours but they are just too expensive to buy all the time, so I would love to know more about doing things myself, at home. Thanks for a chance of winning this great course!

  18. nikki b says

    I am new to traditional eating after a year of only eating ‘clean’ (being an ingredient Nazi). I just didn’t ever think about WHERE my food was coming from or WHY I should prepare foods a certain way. I am starting to buy certain items organic and trying to incorporate grass fed meat in our diet. In addition to those changes, I would love to learn how to prepare bread traditionally. Being a stay at home mom of two beautiful little girls makes the enrollment fee more than what I can afford. Would love to win!

  19. Tiffany says

    Would love to learn how to make bread with sprouted grains! It would be a great addition to my fermenting goodies :)

  20. Amy says

    I would love this information for my family. My wife has been making some wonderful sour oatcakes for breakfasts. I’d be very interested in the diverity of 100 more recipes like this!

  21. Lisa says

    I want to learn to prepare grains the proper way, but so far it has seemed so intimidating! This class looks like the “coaching” I’ve been waiting for!

  22. Harley says

    I would love this information for my family. My wife has been making some wonderful sour oatcakes for breakfasts. I’d be very interested in the diverity of 100 more recipes like this!

  23. terra says

    but seriously…
    we eliminated most grains on the advice of a doctor and I am interested in these techniques as a way to add them back into our diet.

  24. stacey says

    My son and I are both gluten intolerant – not celiacs and we don’t even register as allergic when tested, but we are definitely intolerant. I have lots of GI issues in terms of absorption and food intolerance that I would love to better understand. A course like this might help me ease my family back into REAL whole grains in our diet, which would be wonderful (I can taste the sourdough bread now….). I am also expecting another child in 6 weeks and this might just be the kind of manageable, brain food that a person otherwise consumed with caring for others needs!

  25. says

    I have a few recipes under my belt that include soaking whole grains, but I would love to win this e-course so that I can learn how to modify other recipes for soaking and/or sprouting. thanks!

  26. says

    I’d love to win this so I can learn how to be healthy – I need it b/c I have a rare auto-immune disorder and diabetes which has put me in renalfailure and I believe this could pull me out of it. So thanks!

  27. Kristalyn says

    I have been trying to learn how to bake with sourdough this last year and I would love to win this class so I could be able to perfect it and learn more for the health of our family.


  28. says

    I’m intrigued to learn about this – I have come to the place of mostly seeing grains as the “carb enemy” and would love a re-write on that title!

  29. Cat says

    The world needs more people who know what to do with grains. This is a step in the right direction. Knowledge is power. Pick me to win.

  30. says

    I’ve recently cut grains out of my diet, and I feel great, but I know I could benefit from learning how to properly prepare grains to eat every so often — and so I can help my clients who want to eat grains traditionally.

  31. Catharine Vitale says

    I’ve tried to sprout before, but wasn’t successful. WOuld love some instruction to make it work for me!

  32. Nicole E Pierce says

    I want to know the best way to guide my patients when they re-introduce grains after my naturopathic anti-inflammatory diet program.

  33. Cathie says

    Please, please read “Wheat Belly” by Dr. William Davis. Very eye-opening about what wheat and other grains do to you.

  34. Tracy says

    I’m excited about this giveaway! I’ve been buying bags of sprouted flour here and there, but I’d like to try doing it myself and saving a lot of money (and getting my family healthier at the same time).

  35. says

    I would love to learn more about how to use whole grains in the healthiest way possible – I have become a big fan of baking at home but am currently using a lot of whole grain flour, and I think I could do better!

  36. Melanie says

    We would love to win this. My young fellas and I have been learning more and more about the natural and sustainable way to make our breads and other foods. This would be an awesome course to move us to the next level! Thank you for this opportunity!

  37. says

    After learning some of the dirty secrets behind our national food industry, I have changed to a “clean” way of eating and learning how to make products with sprouted grain would be AWESOME!!! I get so irritated going through the market trying to find SOMETHING good for my family to eat amidst the preservatives, ‘cides, steroids, etc. It shouldn’t be that way! Even though I am learning more about the food industry so that I can be a part of “The Revolution”, learning this skill will at least help me make a difference in the life of my family.

  38. says

    I started making our own breads with organic sprouted flours. Even my husband loves them. And this is the man who won’t eat storebought ww breads because they don’t taste good. I’d like the class as my daughter has endometriosis which she keeps in check partially through a gluten free diet.

  39. Nina Sheehan says

    I would enjoy taking this class since I have been gluten intolerant/sensitive. I want to see if I can reintroduce properly prepared grains into our diet. My son really wants a loaf of bread! I did do sourdough before and we seemed to tolerate that, but I couldn’t keep up with it. I’d love to see how one manages the grains in a traditional diet (which we have been following, sans gluten grains, for almost 8 years now). Thanks for this opportunity!

  40. Kimberly says

    We have been gluten free for a while now and when we do prepare grains, do our best to do it properly. I am very interested in embarking on working with sourdough and making GF sourdough items. I also don’t have much or any experience with sprouted flours and would love to learn about working with them. I think this course would really help us! Thanks for the giveaway!

  41. says

    I am a holistic health coach. Many of my friends and clients have either gluten intolerance, celiac, cancer, or autism so are on a GF diet. The question about grains always comes up: which are best, which to avoid, etc. I would love to learn more from an expert on grains and health so that I could pass that information along and help more people in my community.

  42. Brenda :D says

    I would love to learn how to be a better steward of my body, my finances, and my family by taking these classes.

  43. Martha Huber says

    I’m fairly new to the whole concept of real food and have made some significant changes to our diet. I would love to learn all about how to properly prepare grains which are a big staple around our house. I would really like to make even better changes.

  44. Cherie says

    I would love to win simply because I want to cook more real food rather than prepared and would love to make healthy meals all the time but I need help! I need to learn how to do it! I also want to learn more about foods, how food affects our health and how to prepare food in a way that will yield the best nutrition.

  45. says

    Only familiar with sourdough as we have an active pot in our home, I have a lot to learn about sprouting and something like this would be a great introduction!!!

  46. debbi h. :) says

    i am new at eating traditional foods and am making steps to feed us correctly but this class would be wonderful in helping me learn the correct steps in making bread! thanks for this offer!!

  47. Wendi Wilkins says

    Oh! Another chance to win this course! I’m already enrolled but would love to win my tuition back! Thank you for this opportunity!

  48. Anna says

    I’d love to make this course the next step in our traditional food journey, currently we are just avoiding all grains:(

  49. says

    I’ve been going down the path of organic, whole foods for a while, but soaking, sprouting and fermenting is one area I’ve been avoiding. Would love to learn more about it and lose the fear!

  50. says

    This is quite a timely course for me! I have been in the process of transitioning my family to eating real foods for a few months now. Just a couple of days ago I was contemplating my envelope of sourdough starter and trying to talk myself into ‘just doing it’. Properly preparing grains has been on the list, but I’ve been intimidated to head down that path… not sure why, especially since it is so essential to good health if you want to continue eating grains (a nice hot piece of sourdough toast dripping with Kerrygold butter? Of course we want to keep eating grains! We aren’t ‘paleo purist’ material). I am ready to finally take a step in the right direction here!!

  51. Sarah L says

    I really want to learn all these techniques.and am so intimidated by it all! I love the aspect of having videos to watch ay anytime.

  52. JennyA says

    I would love to win this class enrollment because in spite of all the tutorials I have read, I still cannot get myself to try some of these techniques!

  53. Ann says

    I would so love to win this course. I am struggling with preparing grains….and am tired of composting all of my attempts. :)

  54. Ronnie says

    I want to learn how to prepare grains for my family – the task seems overwhelming. I think taking the course would help me see how to add this step into our already busy schedule. I have noticed some of my family members (including myself) seem to have trouble with refined grains, esp. I want to make sure what we are eating is nutritious and not detrimental to our health.

  55. nicole says

    Once I transition off GAPS I need to know how to properly prepare my grains. Also I am starting a family. I just went into my 3rd trimester taking the beautiful babies course. I want the best for my child. No vaccines with a healthy diet. I could really use this addition :)

  56. jacquie says

    i want to learn more about the sprouting process in general and why it is necessary and beneficial. also i want to learn how to bake nutrious bread more easily and quickly.

  57. Fleur says

    Hi! What a fantastic opportunity :) I am thoroughly loving gaining more and more knowledge on how to provide my family of seven the most nutritious and complete meals I possibly can – food has been so instrumental in helping me on this journey. I now bake our own souurdough bread and try to add many and varied cultured and fermented foods into our diets also. Apart from our sourdough, grains have been one of my greatest concerns on this journey as two of my children have in the past displayed varying intolerances to many un-properly prepared grain foods, and although I’m convinced it is simply due to the preparation, I am too unsure of exactly what I should be doing to help elimate preparation as one of the causes (and I know that correctly prepared grains would be most beneficial for all of our family members regardless!). Thank you again for this opportunity and I have my fingers crossed!

  58. Denise says

    My husband and I have made lots of healthy changes in our eating habits by incorporating more real whole foods, but grains have been reduced to rare, special occasions. Since our health food stores are quite far away, I would love to be able to prepare things at home and not be intimidated by the learning curve. The online course looks like a great way to get into the process and not be completely overwhelmed. Thanks for the course.

  59. Valerie says

    I don’t eat grains anymore, but my family does and I certainly would like to learn how to prepare them for greater nutrition.

  60. Robin V says

    I am starting this whole traditional food eating style and am overwhelmed to the max! Anything to simplify the process would be great!

  61. Helena says

    I have been primarily grain-free for a couple of years because my husband had blood sugar issues. Now he is much better and I want to bring properly prepared grains back into our diet. I have been enjoying AnnMarie’s blog and would love to win her e-course!

  62. Megan B says

    I’m just getting into the Paleo diet world and while I’ve always made my own bread I think this class would help me immensely on this new journey of food!

  63. Andrea says

    I have been working on properly prepared grains for several years, and while some of it was very easy for me to “pick up”…I have always had trouble with bread. I would love to stop buying sprouted grain bread from the store because I could make my own that didn’t crumble into a million pieces….my husband would be eternally grateful as well!!

  64. Kathy Betts says

    Would love to win this ecourse. I currently use sprouted flour I buy on line but want to start sprouting my own.

  65. Jessica Campbell says

    So very excited about this course. I have tried to soak grains and basically have no idea what I am doing. I will probably do this training, but could really use the discount right now.

  66. Lesa W. says

    I have been trying off and on for years to get my family on a healthier diet. It’s hard to learn all there is to know by yourself. This course would put so much information and instruction in one place, right at my finger tips.

  67. Roxanne says

    I really want to do this class with my girls. I have just started soaking grains and they are really interested in how it all works. I would love to use this videos as part of our homeschool nutrition classes!


  68. says

    This course would be a dream come true for me–and for my family and friends who would get to eat the nutritious food that would result from it. Thank you for giving us this chance to win in more ways than one!

  69. Angel Lambart says

    I’m excited to learn more about soaking and sprouted grains. I’ve been reading a bit on it and it’s really fascinating! I’m trying to get into a good, healthful eating routine before my baby daughter starts eating food.

  70. Katie says

    I’ve only recently learned of my gluten intolerence and an e-course would really be helpful. Thanks for the chance to win.

  71. Linda says

    I have started eating Ezekiel bread but i want to be able to do it myself. I am trying to eat good organic foods. I was diagnosed with breast cancer 2 years ago and hate taking Femera every day. I want to heal my body with good stuff not chemicals

  72. Ashley says

    I have been very interested in how to properly prepare whole grains for a while. I am “addicted” to carbs, and it is really important to me for my health that I have the knowledge on how to find satisfying and healthy alternatives to processed things bought at a store. Thanks for offering this class!

  73. Pat Atkinson - Tibbetts says

    Wheat / gluten intolerances seem to be common in my family, but I feel they miss out on some of the enjoyable foods; consequently I am constantly on the look-out for ways to enhance their meals. As you say to go completely all out on any particular way of eating would probably not be the best way forward, so I am hoping that watching the Videos and reading the instructions on sprouting will give me the opportunity to learn more about nutrition, variety, and new ways of baking?

    Thanks for being there

  74. says

    I have tried some of these techniques, but am not consitent enough to really be comfortable to use them all the time. Would love to learn how to get there!

  75. says

    I really enjoy whole grains, but I am new to the idea of sprouting and soaking. I have tried soaked oats, but that is it. I would really like to learn more about when to soak, when to sprout, etc. Thank you for the opportunity to win an enrollment in the class.

  76. glenda rudd says

    I had just recently decided to leave grains out of my diet because of issues with my skin and autoimmune symptoms. It would be great to learn how to prepare whole grains in a healthy way for my seven member family!

  77. Susan H says

    Oh my goodness I am so excited about this course! My husband and I have been struggling with health issues, and he particularly has had trouble giving up the things he loves. This would be such a help and a resource!

  78. says

    First, what “traditional societies” has successfully integrated grains into their culture without also introducing health problems? I’d like to see a reference.

    In ALL instances of hunter-gatherer societies, we see an INCREASE in obesity and an INCREASE in cardiovascular disease, after grains and modern foods have been introduced.

    Grains definitely are NOT healthy in any regard for human consumption. Phytic acit is only marginally reduced by “traditional” preparation methods. Same goes for gluten (which is only ONE of the many difficult to digest proteins in grains). Then there’s lectins that permeate through the GI tract and cause immune reactions. Then there’s rapid spikes in your blood glucose, whole grain OR refined.

    Grains also promote bad gene expression.

  79. samW says

    would love to win this….haven’t bought a loaf of bread for about 6 months, but now need to learn how to make my bread more correctly….

  80. Amanda J. says

    As my husband and I try to get healthier we have tried to pick better breads, but this has proven impossible. This class would really help us out and add to our understanding as we take the Beautiful Babies course also.

  81. Larisa says

    I’m new to bread making and want to learn the proper way to prepare whole grains. This looks exactly like what I need! Thanks!

  82. says

    I have been baking bread for a couple years but I’m still figuring out perfect sourdough. I’m also looking forward to many of the other recipes Anne Marie is teaching!

  83. Barbara Sibley says

    After a lifetime of eating the typical American diet I just had to have open heart surgery, three bypasses and a valve replacement. So I really need to learn how to eat the way I should to stay healthy.

  84. Erica says

    I beleive the whole grains have a healthy place in ones diet. However, with all of the people with gluten issues and so many people choosing a Paleo lifestyle, it is so easy to be conflicted regarding grains! I want to feel good again about the whole grains that I consume.

  85. suzanna says

    To be able to take that class would be so helpful. I really would love to start eating better. I have had stomachaches latley and notice it is when I eat certain things (oats and some breads) and I really believe if I could do grains properly I would feel better, and my daughter seems to be going through the same thing. I just am having a hard time finding where to start and answer my question. This class looks to be my answer.

  86. Mallory says

    There are two main reasons I would like to win enrollment for this course. First and foremost, I suffered from an eating disorder for almost a decade and have been working very hard to use real food to repair the damage I did to my body during that time–and I want to learn as much as I again about how to properly prepare grains so I don’t counteract the healing I’m trying to bring about!
    Furthermore, I was able to recover from my eating disorder by learning about whole foods and how the body uses them and it has become my passion to share this knowledge with other people who suffer from eating disorders. Thus, I want to continue learning so I can continue sharing and helping others bring nourishment back to their bodies. I cannot afford this class, so I really appreciate the opportunity to win!

  87. says

    i have just been researching and learning about traditional whole foods and how to implement them in my life. ive thrown away just about all the food out of my house–and am in the process of restocking. im feeling overwhelmed. i know that this is the right thing to do for my family–but its so scary! we are getting a dehydrator, wheat grinder and juicer next month {yea!} so Im trying my best to learn all of these techniques–but ive i need more indepth instruction! crossing my fingers big time on this one!

  88. Napela says

    I am so excited about this course! I have been learning so much in recent days, having just come off of a water fast, and am horrified by the things that I and my child have been eating these last 7 years. My eyes have been opened and we will never go back to the way that we ate before, so this course will be a phenomenal step forward in the right direction! : )

  89. Yasmine says

    I love baking breads from scratch, along with anything else I feed my family. Living abroad makes some things harder to find, would love to find out how to prepare grains properly at home!

  90. Sheila says

    I am very interested in sprouted grains. Our family deals with serious digestive diseases, which has put us on a journey toward proper nutrition. I am so glad there are sources to teach us the lost art of the proper treatment of grains, and would be grateful to be chosen to receive the free tuition for the course!

  91. Anna Lenau says

    I want to win an enrollment to Ann Marie’s Whole Grains e-course because I really want to learn how to prepare whole grain breads, but also other kinds of grains than just wheat. I recently have cut wheat out of my diet because of digestive problems and I think this e-course could really help me. Also, I am low in funds because I have been applying to grad schools recently so I can’t afford it at this time. I hope I win!

  92. Miah says

    I hate all the processed food in the USA and worldwide, time to take back our real food by making it ourselves! Thank you for the site and video!

  93. says

    Wow! This course looks amazing! I would love to win this class! I would love to be able to pay for it but money is kinda tight with 2 kids in college! I am just beginning a Paleo lifestyle and desperately miss bread & tortillas etc. My hubby would be so happy to have these items back & still be healthy! Thanks for the opportunity!

  94. says

    At the beginning of this year I cut out most processed foods and buy almost all of my meat, produce and dairy from local farmers. In reading more about whole foods and nutrition, I recently learned about soaking grains. It is new to me and something I am very interested in. Being able to take this class would be wonderful!

  95. Theresa says

    Since changing our diet to whole natural foods, grains have been mostly deleted because I am unsure of how to prepare them. Would love to add bread back into our diet.

  96. April says

    Hi, my husband and I just decided to change our eating habits and order a grain mill. We’ve been thinking about it for a while and finally decided to do it! So my next step is figuring out how to do all of our baking needs now with whole grains. This course would be a very timely help for making this change a success in our lives,and I’m very excited about the possibility of learning new ways to make my husband’s favorite food!

  97. Denise says

    This is my biggest sticking point. I know it’s something I need to do, but finding the time and getting in the groove of preparing grains has eluded me. Would love to win the class and learn more.

  98. Maryah says

    I have been wanting to get my kids off of store bought bread, but feel so confused by the different views on whole grains. This class would be a perfect start in figuring things out. Thanks for the opportunity

  99. Rosanna says

    Although I’d love to learn to do all this stuff, $130 is a little much for me to afford. Thanks for giving us the chance to win it. :)

  100. Vanessa says

    I used to make everything from scratch when my daughter was little. But I’ve never sprouted or used whole grains. I’d love to learn. Thanks

  101. Lori Evesque says

    I have tried doing sourdough before and found it less than satisfactory- I had the sourdough get moldy. Some of the things I tried worked so I’d love some hints to make it work better. Haven’t sprouted grains before and have wanted to try that as well. Am just starting back with wheat after 2 1/2 years away from it and want to do it safely this time!

  102. Mary says

    I would LOVE to win this entry into the course…as I know how good this is for us but it can be so confusing! I would hope if I could figure out how to make these good things for me, it might help spark my love for cooking again….which I seem to have lost over the last few years. Great blog and even better giveaway!


  103. Victoria says

    I would love to learn more about soaking/sprouting! I’m currently studying herbal medicine and nutrition, and a free course would be amazing!

  104. Nancy says

    I’m avoiding glutens, since I’ve been experiencing increased digestive discomfort. I need to learn more about healthy whole grains, since I need to get lots of fiber in my diet due to a pre-disposition to colon cancer. A free course would really help me in my quest to live a healthier life!

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