Weekly Meal Plan

I am so thankful to have my husband home again! He was gone for the last couple of weeks, and we sorely missed him. Naturally, that means I’ve planned lots of new and interesting things for this week’s menu.

(I’ve always used food to show my husband love.)

B: Scrambled eggs & cortido, apple, glass of raw milk (why raw milk?)
L: Giant green salad, carrot & raisin salad, guacamole, glass of kombucha (why kombucha?)
D: Mexican pot roast from grass-fed cow (why grass-fed?), salad, glass of raw milk.

B: Fried eggs served w/shredded pot roast & cortido (a Mexican sauerkraut) (why fermented foods?), grapes, glass of raw milk
L: Kali Dahl, carrot sticks & raw hummus, glass of kombucha
D: Romaine leaves stuffed w/egg salad, guacamole, & cortido, glass of raw milk

B: Smoothies
L: Leftover Kali Dahl, cauliflower & homemade yogurt dip, glass of kombucha
D: Lightly stir-fried veggies, glass of raw milk

B: Smoothies (why smoothies? & some great recipes)
L: Eggs scrambled w/ shredded pot roast, apple & walnut coleslaw, grapes, glass of kombucha
D: Spicy Orange Bison Balls (substituting ground flax seed meal for bread crumbs), shredded brussel sprouts & butter, glass of raw milk

B: Smoothies
L: Apple & walnut coleslaw, refried beans in lard, cortido, glass of kombucha
D: Spaghetti squash & marinara sauce, stir-fried green beans in garlic & onion, glass of kombucha

B: Scrambled eggs & cortido w/sour cream, glass of raw milk
L & D: Out

D: Salmon patties, giant salad, glass of raw milk

For other interesting meal ideas and menus, be sure to check out Org Junkie’s Menu Plan Monday.


  1. sassy stephaie says

    Ok, I’m curious. How do you maintain this healthy lifestyle when eating out? What types of dishes to you order when out?

    I saw from another post you have HEB…Texas girl! Yay! We are in the country north of Houston, but unfortunately, no great ‘healthy’ venues around like in Austin or even Htown.

  2. says

    Hi Sassy Stephaie —

    Three things:

    1 – We hardly ever eat out. The budget doesn’t allow it, and the food’s not as good as homemade. If I want a night off, I either pull something out of the freezer that I cooked ahead, or my hubby takes charge.

    2 – When we do eat out (either at restaurants, friends’ homes, or church), we’re not picky. We follow the 80/20 rule (more like 90/10 in our case). If 90% of what we eat is wholesome and nourishing, we don’t feel bad if we cheat on the other 10%. We do try to order things as “natural” as possible, whatever that means when you’re out and about. And we also try to patronize local restaurants that we know source local food or antibiotic/hormone-free meats.

    3 – You may be surprised by what’s near you. Have you checked out my Real Food Resources page to see what farms, ranches, and farmer’s markets are nearby?

  3. sassy stephaie says

    Thanks for the tip. I will look into it!

    We moved out here almost a year ago to get ‘back to the basics’. Two months after moving, found out my hubby had cancer. He is now a survivor!! We started trying to eat clean about a year and a half ago, but have slipped. Now that he has beaten this nasty illness, we are back on track to eating the way nature intended. We have hens we added to our ‘family’ about two weeks ago…waiting on our fresh yard eggs! Next up, we will be planting grass to prep our pasture for some grass fed beef!

    So glad I found your site!

  4. says

    I do! I don’t like posting recipes without pics, and my camera’s been down for about 4 weeks. But, the gist of the Mexican Pot Roast is this: put a shoulder roast in a crock pot w/a can of diced tomatoes, a chopped onion, a couple cloves of garlic, a pinch of chipotle pepper, and a lot of ground cumin. Cook it until the beef falls off the bone. Remove the bone. Shred the beef. Stir in a bunch of chopped cilantro. Serve w/sour cream!

  5. says

    Love this week’s menu- aren’t husbands the best people to cook for?? I’m cracking up on the Bison balls- maybe you should edit that title – reminds me of the Montana testicle festival- what do they call them out there??? ohh yeah – rocky mountain oysters…..oh dear. Can’ t say I’ll ever try that!

    vehement flame

  6. Kelsey Byron says

    Oh my goodness, we had the Mexican pot roast tonight, made with a pork shoulder roast. It was SO awesome. No cilantro or sour cream, but delicious with just rice. I brought out a sample before dinner and my neighbor told him it smelled like his Puerto Rican grandmother’s. I almost cried!

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