Weekly Meal Plan

After a weekend of traveling, eating fast food, fake food, and way more sugar than I’d eaten in a month, I am looking forward to this week’s meals.


  1. KAthy says

    I was out all day Saturday spending time with my daughter and driving up to a farm to pick up raw maple syrup. I missed my food. We did find a place to eat that wasn’t fast food but even after only a couple of months of eating 95% NT style I can tell a huge difference. I don’t have to plan meals for a family (they are grown) so I usually plan my dinners then eat leftovers. Iwork 12 hour shifts and I take all of my meals to work. My breakfasts are not traditional, right now I am eating a venison roast that I cooked and didn’t eat all of. I chopped it up in the food processor and added taco seasoning and have been eating that on sprouted grain tortilla with a little raw cheese and home made sour cream for breakfast. I am soaking liver in lemon juice and will have that for lunch or dinner with roasted beets and carrots brushed with coconut oil and then I have leftover chicken, kale and yukon gold potatos ( I think I already left a comment about that). I drink Kefir and Kombucca. homemade kraut is now a staple in my fridge. What I would really like to find is a healthy snack for the evenings when I feel like munching on something. I am not a big sweets eater so I may try homemade crackers this week. I drained my last 2 yogurts and made cheese and replenished my whey. I used olive oil to make mayo and that was a bit strong. What do most people use? I made mustard last week and I am going to start the ketchup today. I will have my basic condiments switched out then.

  2. says

    Sweet potato fries are my weakness – and your recipe for them (and the mayo!) has me craving them now! I also love smoothies for breakfast – delicious, nutritious, and good on the go, too! (Really helpful for me because I’m always rushing somewhere…). You should check out springpad’s weekly meal planner – it’s a great place to organize all of your meals and recipes, I think you’d really like it!

  3. says

    KAthy — You can check out my mayo recipe at this site. Just do a search for Mayonnaise and it will pop up. I’ll also go back in and add a link to this post. I use half olive oil half warm coconut oil. I like that. If that’s still too powerful an olive oil taste, you can try Mary Enig’s oil blend (thirds: olive, coconut, and sesame oils). It’s definitely a DIFFERENT taste, but not nearly so olive-ish. Plus, she says it’s the best nutritional balance to the fats.

  4. KAthy says

    thanks I will use some coconut oil next time. I may try adding curry to this batch and use it for chicken and tuna salad.

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