Weekly Meal Plan

I enjoy a good challenge. Planning this week of nourishing recipes and meals provided one. Why? Because I wanted to experiment. I wanted to try to go completely without grains.

I’m also only cooking for my boys and I while my husband is out of town. That means smaller meals or lots of leftovers.

Plus (and this is completely off-topic), if you haven’t noticed yet, I’m hosting a free grass-fed beef giveaway co-sponsored by La Cense Beef and The Grass-Fed Party!


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    Lookin good! Thank you for the link. I have yet to do the spagetti sqaush deal but my wife and I keep saying we will do it! lol. Talk is cheap… I guess I should act on that.

    The SoG

    Son of Grok

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    Elisabeth — Thanks for visiting!

    SoG — This will be our first time, too. I’ve been craving pasta sauce over the last week, so I figured this’d be a good way to eat it!

    Kimi — You should post meal plans, too. It’d be a great way to link back to many of your old recipes (assuming you use them in your menu). And for those of us always fishing for nourishing, inspiring ideas, it’d be a great resource.

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    I really enjoy reading your blog. My husband grew up eating raw foods but it is hard and expensive to come by. Thank you for posting the info about the grass-fed beef. I have been looking info on that but we still not have found a place close to us.


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    Where are you located? Have you checked out the links on my Real Food Resources page? There are three or four different directories on there dedicated to helping you find locally raised grass-fed beef. And, if you honestly can’t find anyone nearby even after that search, you can always buy it online at U.S. Wellness Meats. (They advertise on this page, to the right.)

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