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It’s time for a little honesty. (When am I ever not honest with you guys?) Last week’s menu fell apart. It died a violent and tragic death. It lasted a day. One. Day.

I simply had too many other pressing things to do. Too many work deadlines converged at once. Too many outside pressures required my time. I put my husband in charge of pulling together most of the meals, and he gave it a heroic effort. But he’s no cook.

So, many of last week’s meals went uneaten. That’s why this week’s menu will look surprisingly familiar.

Here it goes:

B — Scrambled eggs (from pastured hens), smoothie (bananas, blue berries, peanut butter, raw eggs, raw milk, vanilla) (Why smoothies? Click here to find out and to get even more smoothie ideas.)
L — Carrot, raisin, & yogurt salad served with apples, glass of kombucha
D — Ground beef (grass-fed!) & sweet potato hash served with a mixed greens salad and homemade creamy Italian dressing, glass of raw milk
TO DO: Soak grain in buttermilk for pancakes.

B — Buttermilk pancakes, smoothie (bananas, peanut butter, raw eggs, raw milk, vanilla)
L — Broccoli salad, sliced zucchini, glass of kombucha
D — Salmon patties served with a mixed greens salad and homemade dressing, glass of raw milk
To Do: Make coconut milk.

B — Coconut milk smoothie (bananas, pineapples, strawberries, coconut milk, vanilla)
L — Raw hummus, celery, carrots, apples, glass of kombucha
D — Mujadarrah w/yogurt, glass of kombucha
To Do: Marinate flank steak

B — Smoothie (bananas, orange, raw eggs, raw milk, vanilla)
L — Leftover beef & sweet potato hash, orange, glass of kombucha
D — Flank steak (again, from grass-fed cattle. Why grass-fed? Click here to find out) served as fajitas, grilled onions, cortido, green salad w/homemade dressing, glass of raw milk
To Do: Start lacto-fermented dill pickles

B — Coconut milk smoothie (bananas, pineapples, strawberries, coconut milk, vanilla)
L — Curried vegetable and lentil soup, orange, glass of kombucha
D — Coconut milk rice served with cashews, leftover soup, glass of kombucha

B — Huevos Rancheros, glass of raw milk
L — Leftover flank steak, apples, sliced squash, glass of kombucha
D — Giant green salad, glass of raw milk

D — Hodge Podge soup made from the week’s leftovers, glass of raw milk

This post is part of OrgJunkie’s Menu Plan Monday. If you’re looking for other ideas, be sure to visit the site to check out hundreds of other menus.

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    Would you mind telling me how you make your raw hummus? I have my own recipe I’m using this week for hummus but I’d love to know how you make yours.

  2. says

    Wait, can we talk about the raw egg in a smothie thing? I love smoothies, but I’ve never thought to put raw eggs in them. Why do you do that, and can you tell it’s there? Do you have your own farm eggs, or do you worry about salmonella?


  3. says

    Hi Karen — We sprout the garbanzo beans first, which softens them enough to make creating hummus a breeze. That way it’s raw and very nutrient-packed thanks to the sprouting. I’m hoping to actually post the recipe later this week as long as my pictures turn out. :)

    Delish — The raw eggs are there for added protein and nutrient-density, and no you can’t tell they’re there as far as flavor or texture goes. I do have a local farm I get my eggs from, and no I’m not worried about salmonella. The risk of salmonella in small flocks is almost non-existant. It does happen, but I’d be more likely to get it from handling raw chicken and not properly washing my hands than I’d be to get it from my eggs.

    Hi Jen & Connie — Thanks!

  4. says

    I’m so excited to hear how you make the raw hummus…sounds interesting. I am curious as to what the health benefits are.

    Thanks for your comment on my blog!

    Oh She Glows

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