Newbie Tips

Taking Baby Steps Towards Better Health

Taking Baby Steps Towards Better Health

How do we make real, lasting change in our lives for the better?

Everybody say it with me now: “Baby Steps.” (Bob would be proud.) Any changes you can make, no matter how small, do make a difference.

In Japan, it’s called kaizen. It’s a strategy for making change based on tiny, continuous improvements. And, they mean tiny. Want to build a habit of exercise? A kaizen practitioner would recommend you start by marching in place for one minute a day.

The point is to make changes in small, but effective increments. You start with where you’re at, and you look to see what you can change. You make it your goal to change that one thing.

Then, you give yourself grace. Lots of grace. Grace to break every other Real Food rule. You work on your one thing — and only that — until it’s habitual.

Every diet adjustment, even the most simple, takes time. It may be two, three, or even four weeks before you’re comfortable in your new eating habits — before they “fit” like an old pair of boots. But it will happen. And, once it does you can evaluate where you’re at and make another small change.

So, where to begin?

For those of you just beginning your journey as a Food Renegade, I present the ever-growing list of Food Renegade Newbie Tips:

  1. Become a Label Nazi.
  2. Start Eating Healthy Fats.
  3. Switch to Grass-Fed Meats.
  4. Eat More Raw, Fermented, & Living Foods.
  5. Eat More Superfoods.