Ready to rebel? To be a food renegade?


Some brave souls can go at it alone. They do Google searches, read books, and jump into the deep end. If that’s you, then more power to you! I hope you like the community I’m building with this website, and I can’t wait to learn from you.

Other people are like my sister-in-law. Busy. Convinced about the need to change her diet, but not knowing what steps to take first. Adventurous enough to want to try her hand at brewing kombucha, but desiring the extra guidance of someone in-the-know. She wants to see it done, compare her work to someone else’s, and be assured she’s doing it right. She needs someone to help her make sense of the competing nutritional philosophies out there, help her understand the often deceptive or misleading labels at the supermarket, and help her on her journey to better health & wellness.

If you’re like her, I offer two options:

1. Personalized One-On-One Holisitic Nutrition & Wellness Coaching


2. Valuable free web content designed with you in mind. Content like this:

Because I also teach nutrition and wellness courses offline, I’m hoping to translate those into online webinars and classes in the near future. But, I’m not there yet. So, take off your hat, check out the blog, make use of the rebellious resources above, and join in the conversation.

And, if something’s especially urgent, write me at kristenATfoodrenegadeDOTcom. I’ll see what I can do.

(photo by fauxaddress)