Real Food Recipe Corner

Everyone’s always looking for inspiration with their food. About once a week I thumb through my collection of cookbooks (see my top 5 faves here) just to remind myself about all the wonderful options out there.

And then there’s the internet. Pictures of tasty dishes and step by step instructions sometimes make me want to eat my computer screen.

What kind of host would I be if I didn’t share some of this love? This week, I’m opting for five recipes that simply look amazing. All use real food, healthy oils and fats, and put a unique spin on dishes you’re sure to love.

I’ve always loved Asian lettuce wraps made using fish. Oh my. Well Cosmopolitan Primal Girl posted a recipe for a sort of Tex-Mex fish lettuce wrap. Check out her Paleo Fish Tacos!

For some reason I always forget how handy a meat mallet is. Mark’s Daily Apple used one to flatten a pork loin and stuff it with olives, feta cheese, nuts, and more. Check out his Mediterranean Stuffed Pork Loin.

Having a hard time enjoying liver? This Chicken Liver Pate is better than any other I’ve tried. Girl Gone Primal’s secret? She uses bacon!!

Want a festive and lovely presentation for your roast chicken? Elise at Simply Recipes shares how to roast a chicken in a large cast iron skillet, surrounded by a bed of winter root vegetables in this Keller’s Roast Chicken recipe.

And finally, a twist on steak tartare. Sippity Sup shares a Salmon Tartare with Capers, Scallions, and Horseradish recipe that should knock your socks off.


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