Real Food Nutrition & Health Book List

Good news! The official Book List for Further Reading is now available! I had planned on selling it as an addendum to the text, but have since decided against that. Now when you buy a copy of Real Food Nutrition & Health, you’ll receive a complimentary copy of the list!

The list includes every book quoted in Real Food Nutrition & Health, along with a handful of others that simply provided the framework for the research I did while writing — even the books that disagreed with me. Along with each book listing is a short review, letting you know what I found useful or valuable about the book. The PDF file even includes links to where you can find the books on, so that if you want to add the titles to your Wish List or read what other reviewer’s have written, you can easily do so.

Hope you enjoy!

(photo by Lori Greig)


  1. Michele says

    Ordered book and did not get Further Reading List.
    Can I be sent a copy?
    Love the book ! As a homeschooling mom this is a great book for school. It has a very postitive attitude and the topics are very clear and understandable.
    Job well done.
    Thanks for all the hard work

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