Nutrition eCourse Open For Spring

You could say it’s back by popular demand. Mostly, though, it’s just a bunch of people who missed out on the Real Food Nutrition & Health e-Course when I offered it in the Fall. The course is now open for Spring enrollment. If you are one of those folks who missed out on signing yourself or your teenager up for this class, now’s your chance to round out your Nutrition education.

Enrollment officially opens today and runs through January 31st. The first class will be posted on Friday, February 4th. Hurry and sign up now to ensure your spot!

Don’t know what I’m talking about? Read on. Last semester’s e-Course was amazing, inspiring, and (fill in the blank with your favorite superlative). This one will be even better.

The Real Food Nutrition & Health E-Course is an online course in Nutrition from a pointedly Real Food perspective.

Over the course of ten weeks, students will watch videos, listen to audio files, read thought-provoking excerpts from books and essays, ask themselves challenging discussion questions, and engage the course materials in creative weekly assignments.

And, we’ll have fun while doing it!

Scouts honor.

The best part of teaching this class is getting to participate in those “a ha” moments of discovery. I loved seeing my students’ documentation of their work. I’m talking photo essays of trips to local farms and farmers markets, main lesson book pages set up like a scrapbook of a grocery store experience, hand made recipe cards featuring 100% real, traditional food. We checked out food advertising, argued about the role of standard western medical practice, and discussed the merits and pitfalls of eating Real Food. All while learning about the basics of Nutrition.

Does the thought of joining in all that awesomeness inspire you? If it does, and you’d like to find out more about the class, just click here to see a course outline and schedule, read the FAQs, and more.

Here’s a little video introduction I made for the course last Fall:


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    Who wrote the book Real Food and Nutrition ? I am having difficulty finding the name of the author, which is making buying the book very difficult !

  2. says

    Will the book for the younger kids be available sometime soon? I am looking forward to adding it to our curriculum before the school year is over. (school year??? what does that MEAN in the homeschooling world?? hahahaha)

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