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I love getting to know people — listening to their stories, learning about what’s important to them. Kelly The Kitchen Kop (who has put together an amazingly stress-free, step-by-step introduction to eating Real Food in her Real Food For Rookies E-Course) is one of those people I wish didn’t live so far away. In the video below, Kelly covers a lot of interesting ground.

It’s a short, but good introduction to Kelly as a person. Watch the video and see:

  • How Kelly was a “fast-food junkie” and how, for her childrens’ sake, she wishes she’d known better.
  • How her friends helped her begin her journey towards eating Real Food.
  • Her conclusions about what nutritional information and guidelines to trust.
  • Her own grace-filled attitude about why she doesn’t feel the need to be perfect.

I love how down-to-earth and relaxed Kelly is! You know she’s the perfect teacher for the Real Food For Rookies class.

I remember my own journey towards eating Real Food. My oldest son was an infant, and I sat staring at the fading images of the documentary The Future of Food in my living room. It was an eye-opening look at our food supply, particularly in regards to the genetic engineering of crops. I couldn’t have been more convicted. Did I really want to subject myself (and my precious child!) to a vast public health experiment that was going so badly?

I immediately started changing things about our diet, but it was all haphazard. I had no idea what the most important things to change were, how to prioritize my choices in the grocery store or at the farmer’s markets.  I had so many questions! If Kelly’s class had been around back then, I definitely would have taken it!

Not only could I have used some direction and advice, but I also could have used her positive, practical, and relaxed attitude.

My oldest son had to wait a good 2 years for me to go from being convicted about eating genetically-engineered and processed foods to actually starting to add more nutrient-dense foods into our diet. It’s one thing to start getting rid of the bad stuff by reading ingredients labels and trying to go organic, but it’s an altogether different thing to know that you’re giving yourself and your kids the exact right food they need for optimal nutrition.

And can you really afford to wait? They say that what you feed your child for the first 5 years of their life affects them for their entire lives. It’s the foundation of the house. What could be more important than that?

Let’s face it. There’s a lot of conflicting information out there, and depending on who you believe you’ll make different choices.

For example, how do you know if it’s worth:

  • buying organic, pasteurized milk when it’s not from grass-fed cows?
  • buying a share in a CSA when it comes full of unusual veggies you may or may not enjoy?
  • paying a premium for “free-range” eggs at the supermarket?

I love Kelly’s approach to determining whose nutritional advice to believe, and it mirrors my own conclusions exactly.

And to top it all off, Kelly can walk you through the changes you need to make in a matter of weeks, rather than years! Each week in her Real Food For Rookies class you’ll make small, manageable goals, and each week you’ll feel even more confident about what you’re feeding yourself and your kids.

The way I see it, we shouldn’t waste a day. Not one day. Today is the day to start redeeming the time, to do what needs to be done, to seize control of our diet and our health. If you won’t do it for your own sake, at least do it for your children’s sake. Don’t worry. Kelly will make it easy.

Click here to sign up for Kelly’s Real Food For Rookies E-Course.


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