How To Cook Real Food Online Cooking Class

I have loved Jenny’s recipes and passion for Real Food ever since I discovered her blog, Nourished Kitchen almost a year and a half ago. Between her mouth watering food photography, her zeal for seasonal and local foods, and the unique spins she puts on classic dishes, I immediately became a fan. And now Jenny is offering an online cooking class!

I know, I know. You want details. I’m here to give them.

The course is entirely online and will last for 12 weeks.

About the class, Jenny says:

As a farmers market manager and experienced natural foods cook, I’ll show you how to prepare nourishing family-friendly meals with simple, step-by-step techniques. I’ve taken everything I know about cooking real food and condensed the information into 12 easy lessons – everything you need to get started. You’ll be able to find fresh local foods, maximize nutrition and minimize cost while developing simple, nourishing recipes that your family will love. Real food doesn’t have to be overwhelming or expensive … if you have the right know-how. In this multi-media, online e-course, you’ll learn how to shop in season, maintain a budget and plan healthy meals for your family.

If you’ve ever wondered how to feed your family healthier, wholesome and nourishing meals, but been stumped trying to put it all together, you need this class. If you want to support the local foods movement, but are stumped by seasonal cooking or how to even find quality foods from local farms, you need this class. If you want to save money and time feeding your family healthy, organic, seasonal meals, you need this class. If you want to learn to cook from scratch, if you want to give up sugar and learn to use natural, wholesome sweeteners, you need this class. If you’re looking for a healthier alternative to soda and soft drinks, you need this class. If you want to develop your own recipes based on locally available fruits and vegetables, you need this class. You need to learn how to cook real food. It’s good for the environment, your local economy and, most of all, it’s good for your family’s health.

Sounds wonderful doesn’t it?

What You’ll Get

  • 12 Comprehensive, Multi-media Online Classes
  • Video Tutorials Teaching You How to Cook Real Food
  • Digital Workbook to Take Notes & Develop Your Own Recipes
  • Charts Outlining Seasonally Available Foods
  • Fact Sheets and Handy Tips Analyzing the Value of Real Food
  • Online Discussion Forum for Members Only
  • Menu Planning Tips & Sample Meal Plans
  • Sample Shopping Lists and Equipment Recommendations
  • SPECIAL BONUS: Discounts & Coupons from Companies I Trust

That’s 12 full classes, plus tons of materials, for just $120. Only $10 per class! You’d pay more than that to take a cooking class at your local community college, and this way you actually get a course based on nourishing, Real Food from a teacher you can trust.

If you want to more details about exactly what will be covered in each lesson, Jenny has an entire site set up giving you the full scoop.

So, why not check out this video introduction to the course, then go get all the details for Jenny’s How To Cook Real Food Online Cooking Class?

You should also know that as a fellow blogger and friend, I am intentionally trying to help Jenny promote her course! (It’s rather obvious isn’t it?) Anyhow, as such, I’m earning a commission on each sale. So, if you do choose to buy a slot in her course, buying it through a link on my site will also support Food Renegade without costing you an extra penny!

UPDATE: Did you know that Jenny is giving away not one, but TWO slots for her online cooking class to my readers? Check out the details here!


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