Have You Fallen For These 4 Real Food Myths?

overwhelmed by making real food

Let’s face it. Making Real Food can feel overwhelming. We are busy people. We have limited budgets. We have constantly shifting priorities. Feeding our families is a constant balancing act. Do we opt for convenience at the cost of a little nutrient-density? Do we sacrifice time with our families in order to feed them more nourishing food?

We’ve all been there. Imagine these scenarios.

ONE. It’s a half hour before dinner. You’ve had a hectic day. No meat’s defrosted. You’ve got tons of fresh veggies about to go bad. Everyone is starving and tired. What do you do?

TWO. You need to get out the door to take your kids to school, but your toddler peed his pants, your middle kid can’t find her shoes, and you haven’t had time to fix breakfast. What do you do?

THREE. You are out of virtually everything. You’ve got three young children and have no desire to drive an hour to Costco or Trader Joe’s, park, then wheel their mischievous little selves around the store for an hour while you grocery shop, then drive an hour home. The THOUGHT exhausts you, let alone the DOING. What do you do?

FOUR. You are going to be out of your home running errands all day and night. How do you pack convenient food to feed your family that will stay fresh and nourishing? The temptation to just forfeit planning and eat out gnaws at you. What do you do?

I’m sure you have no problem identifying.

Even if you don’t have children, you have a life. And preparing Real Food sometimes makes so many demands on it that you may want to just give up.

But does Real Food have to be so demanding?

Let’s take a closer look.

real food myths busted

Myth #1: Real Food takes too much planning.

In the first scenario above, you fell victim to not enough planning. You didn’t plan ahead for dinner, so nothing’s defrosted. You don’t plan what you’re going to do with all those beautiful, fresh veggies, so they’re rapidly going bad. Or maybe you planned both, but life’s unexpected surprises made it impossible to follow through.

So, what does that mean? Scrambled eggs for dinner?

Enough days of that and your family will start groaning.

What if I told you that even on nights like these, you could still get a meaty, nourishing meal on the table in just a half hour?

(YES! Even if you’re starting with frozen meat!)

Myth #2: Real Food takes too much time.

In the second scene above, you simply didn’t have enough time to cook breakfast. It was time to GO, and yet no one had eaten anything.

What were you supposed to do? Eat a drive-thru breakfast? Call it a fasting morning and pile into the car anyway? Decide to be late?

Yowsers. It seems there isn’t a choice that leaves you uncompromised.

What if I told you that even on mornings like these, you could still feed your family a nutrient-dense breakfast in just a few minutes?

Seriously. Two to three minutes from start to finish.

Myth #3: Real Food requires too much energy.

In the third scenario, you were … exhausted. The prospect of going shopping with three little ones in tow was enough to send you over the edge and into despair.

What were you supposed to do? Suck it up and pray and hope the three hour outing didn’t mess with your sanity too much? Give yourself a caffeine boost and hope you didn’t morph into Grumpy Mom? Scrounge an unappealing dinner from your pantry and freezer staples and hope you have more energy tomorrow? Spend a bunch of money eating out because you couldn’t bring yourself to make it to the store?

No really. None of those options sounds at all appealing.

Yet, we’ve all been there.

What if I told you that you didn’t have to make long, tedious trips to the store? That you could have your organic groceries and bulk goods delivered right to your doorstep?

Whether it’s through online natural grocers, CSAs, sites like Amazon, or simply by arranging to have a friend go shopping for you, busy Real Food cooks know how to save energy and time by avoiding time-consuming trips to Costco and Trader Joe’s.

Myth #4: Real Food is inconvenient.

In the final scene above, you battle with convenience. Preparing Real Food is an involved affair, one you can’t casually do on the road while running errands.

What were you supposed to do? Eat out at a restaurant that surely uses soybean or canola oil in all its food preparation? Or worse, simply blast through a drive-thru and eat in the car?

While that may work if you’re only talking about yourself, what happens when you add your children or spouse to the picture?

What if I told you that you could pack nutrient-dense meals that stayed fresh or cool or hot? All you’d need was the right lunch containers and a smidgen of forethought.

Want to learn how busy cooks bust these myths wide open?

How we conquer the odds? How we make real food easy, take less time, require less energy, and stay convenient?

Let me tell you about something that may just change your life.

It’s an online course called Real Food For Busy People.

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It’s a class created and taught BY busy cooks, FOR busy cooks.

In it, you’ll learn how to:

  • Get dinner on the table in less than 30 minutes — even if you’re starting with frozen meat
  • Save time shopping by buying in bulk and automating purchases
  • Save time through faster meal prep and freezer-cooking
  • Make quick, nutrient-dense breakfasts
  • Pack lunches that don’t require heating or that stay hot
  • Save time by outsourcing (children, husband, & professionals can all help!)
  • Survive road trips and avoid fast food

And so much more!

This is NOT a recipe course.

While it is true that there are more than 50+ recipes included in the course, this is primarily a class about technique. You will learn HOW to chop vegetables quickly, HOW to shave time off your meal preparation, HOW to make Real Food convenient.

To see a full list of each lesson and what you’ll learn, click here.

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  1. Reshmi says

    Hi I wanted to sign up for this but I wondered whether it will be useful for someone based in the UK? I note some of the items and ebooks often featured on your page are for US audiences (ingredients not so readily available here, ebooks not availabke on amazon UK etc) and so just wanted to check before I signed up… Thanks in advance and thanks for all you do in this space

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