Grilled Halloumi & Chicken Kebobs


Nothing beats some simple grilled skewers on a sunny summer day.  These skewers have a unique little twist though… they have cheese.  Yep, cheese.  If you’ve never had halloumi, you’re in for a real treat…

Halloumi is a cheese originally from the Cyprus area, though now is popular all throughout the Middle East.  It’s a tough to describe, but once you’ve had it, you’ll never forget.  It’s firm in texture, but tastes similar to mozzarella.

A weird marriage to imagine, I know.

The best thing about halloumi is that it doesn’t change its shape when cooked, so it’s a perfect cheese for grilling, cooking, flambéing, etc.  It will keep it’s form, but will develop this golden crispy exterior… so good.  Slightly salty, but subtle still. See, it’s tough to explain… guess you’ll just have to try.  😉

grilled halloumi kebobs

Halloumi, along with chicken, veggies, and this simple oregano-lemon marinade adds an Eastern Mediterranean/Middle Eastern twist to a classic summer staple.  A big hit around my home indeed… we love grillin’ over here.

grilled halloumi kebobs

Don’t have a grill?  Don’t fret… you can cook these in the broiler, too!  Of course, you won’t get those beautiful grill marks, or that smoky flair, but they’ll work nonetheless.  Ten to fifteen minutes should be good, turning them a few times throughout.  Watch them closely though- broilers burn quickly!  {Want a different take on chicken kebobs?  Check out THESE teriyaki chicken & pineapple ones I made a while… with homemade gluten-free sauce!}

 grilled halloumi kebobs

For some colorful kebobs, use a variety of peppers… orange, yellow, green, red- whatever you like.  With red onion, I love the orange and green combo, but any will work.  Feeling creative?  Add some extra goodies to the kebobs if you want… tomatoes, mushrooms, or even zuke would add a fun twist, too.

Grilled Halloumi & Chicken Kebobs

The Players

for kebobs…


for marinade…

*long skewers, bamboo or metal- soak wood skewers in water ahead of time (I use these.)

  grilled halloumi kebobs

The How-To

To prepare marinade…

Remove the oregano leaves from stems- the easiest method is to slide your fingers along the stem downward- they should fall right off!

grilled halloumi kebobs

Give the leaves a rough chop and add to a large mixing bowl.

Add the lemon juice, balsamic vinegar, olive oil, salt, and pepper.

Stir and adjust seasonings as desired.

   grilled halloumi kebobs

Chop the red onion and bell peppers into even bite-sized pieces.

  grilled halloumi kebobs

Add the veggies to the marinade.

grilled halloumi kebobs

Chop chicken breast into similar-sized pieces.

 grilled halloumi kebobs

Cut halloumi into squares.

Add cheese and chicken to the marinade.

Toss to coat.

Cover and marinate for at least one hour. (If marinating longer than 1 hour, refrigerate- can marinate up to twenty four hours.)

  grilled halloumi kebobs

To skewer…

Preheat grill- a medium-high heat is ideal. (This is the indoor grill that I use. It’s AWESOME!)

Alternate the chicken, halloumi, and vegetables on skewers.

    grilled halloumi kebobs

Grill kebobs for about 15 minutes, turning half way through. (Cooking time will vary depending on size of chicken and heat.)

Garnish with fresh oregano if desired, dig in, and enjoy!!

Grilled Halloumi & Chix Kebobs


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      Hi Lisa!

      Not sure where you live, but if there is a Trader Joe’s, Whole Foods, or a little natural foods store you like, most liekly they’ll have it. It’s typically found near other international cheese such as Cotija, Feta, etc. Let me know how your hunt goes!

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    Where can you buy hallomi in Kentucky? We have no traders joe’s here. I know them from the north east, but have not seen them here in KY.
    Would like to try this recepie, because it sounds great.

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