GIVEAWAY: Stainless Steel LunchBots Set


Do you pack meals for yourself, your kiddos, or your spouse? I do. To do so, we rely heavily on stainless steel stackable tiffins, convenient thermoses to keep soups and stews warm, and these amazing stainless steel bento-styled boxes from LunchBots.

Everyone knows that to-go lunches have the potential to be full of waste. When I was a kid, my brother and I must have gone through thousands of brown paper bags and plastic sandwich baggies between the two of us — just to ensure that our food could be carried to school. Pile styrofoam lunch trays, plates, or take out containers, plastic utensils, and to-go cups with lids and straws on top of all that, and you have a veritable mountain of trash.

This week, I am excited to be giving away a set of stainless steel bento-styled boxes from LunchBots — valued at $95 — to one of you lucky readers!

What You’ll Win

Set of 4 LunchBots & 3 Dip Containers — Valued at $95


The set includes:

  • Stainless Steel Uno ($16.99)
  • Stainless Steel Duo ($17.99)
  • Stainless Steel Trio ($19.99)
  • Stainless Steel Quad ($20.99)
  • Set of 3 Stainless Steel Dips Condiment Containers ($19.99)

These are high-quality, extremely durable, stainless steel.

If you’ve ever bought inexpensive stainless steel lunch containers, you know that feeling of utter disappointment you get when you realize just how cheaply they were made. The steel easily bends and kinks, the lids never fit quite right, and using them is an exercise in frustration.

You will not have those problems with LunchBots. These babies are top of the line, with a fit and finish that makes you feel like they’re worth every penny you spent.

And, they come with a face.

lunchbots jacquelineMeet Jacqueline Linder, creator and founder of LunchBots. Here’s her story:

Concerned about chemicals in plastic containers leaching into our food, I went on a search for alternatives. Stainless steel was the perfect material; it’s safe, lightweight, and non-breakable. However, I couldn’t find stainless steel food containers anywhere—not online, not in restaurant supply stores, not in kitchen gadget stores.

After a year or so of searching for stainless steel food containers and not finding what I needed, I built it. In 2008, I launched LunchBots from the garage of my home in Northern California.

LunchBots is a family-owned business and our mission is simple: to provide the highest quality, best-looking, healthiest food containers on the planet.

How to Enter

To enter the giveaway, you’ll need to subscribe to LunchBot’s Newsletter using the link below. Just click on the link, and it will take you to landing page on LunchBot’s site. Simply use your email address to subscribe.

(If you can’t see the above link, it’s because you have javascript disabled or are using an ad blocker. To see the link, simply re-enable javascript or deactivate your ad blocker for this page.)

After you’ve signed up for the newsletter, you must come back here and comment letting me know you’ve done so.

If you fail to leave a comment here, or fail to subscribe to their newsletter, then your entry will not be valid.

That’s good for one entry.

For additional chances to win, do any of the following:

1. Follow LunchBots on Facebook. Click here to like their page, then return here and leave a comment telling me you’ve done so.

2. Follow LunchBots on Google Plus. Click here to follow their page, then return here and leave a comment telling me you’ve done so.

3. Follow LunchBots on Twitter. Click here to follow their page, then return here and leave a comment telling me you’ve done so.

4. Follow LunchBots on Pinterest. Click here to follow their page, then return here and leave a comment telling me you’ve done so.

The giveaway is open only to U.S. and Canadian residents and will run through Sunday, August 11th. The winner will be announced soon thereafter.

(standard disclosures apply)

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  1. Sarah Allen says

    Oh my wow! I need these! Looks like a wonderful product!! My husband will be sharing these at work and I will share with other Mommies if we win. How exciting! I have subscribed to the newsletter and followed on Twitter and Pinterest. Thank you so much! (Fingers Crossed!)

  2. Laurie says

    Just signed up for the LunchBots newsletter. Thanks for the great connection to an awesome company. Cheers!

    • Christina says

      Signed up for the newsletter. Tks. Ive been wanting
      Something like this. I have a bamboo utinsel set and wanted something to go with it other than plastic

  3. Elizabeth Baird says

    I liked LunchBots on Facebook and am also following like 10 of their Pintrest pages.
    Oh, girlie! I hope I win these. I’ve always wanted something like this and your description makes them look All The More desirable to feed my family from! Thanks for the chance to win!

  4. Maggie says

    I’ve signed up for the newsletter, I like them on Facebook and am following them on twitter and pinterest. Thank you!

  5. Becky says

    Subscribed to the newsletter, liked on Facebook and followed on Pinterest! (How have I never heard of these before?!)

  6. christie says

    We love Lunchbots and could use more of them! I subscribed, liked them on FB, and followed them on Twitter: )

  7. says

    I love the stainless steel Lunchbots! I work with kiddos who bring their lunch and it would be great to have a lunch box that would last all year. I’m thinking you could put hot or cold items in them! I would love to win one for myself to pack a healthy lunch for a hard days work.

  8. Crystal says

    I just signed up for the newsletter. These look so great! I would send them to work with my husband and use them for family picnics or park play dates.

  9. Lynn says

    I can’t enable javascript on my computer (work computer), so I went directly to their site and signed up for the newsletter from there.

  10. Martha Landeros says

    I’m excited to discover this material for food storage & transport!!! Very hygienic. Thank you.

  11. Cassie hall says

    I think theses are so cool. Hope I win but if not will still order some. Joined the newsletter, & like on fb & following on Pinterest

  12. Gabriela Taylor says

    Love love love the idea of stainless!
    I am a student, work several jobs & am constantly commuting- currently using glass, & it’s not the most practical.
    thank you for sharing! I signed up for the newsletter & am wanting lots of products I see on their website.

  13. Caitlin says

    I subscribed to LuncBots’ newsletter and liked them on Facebook and followed them on G+ and Twitter (I don’t have a Pinterest)!

  14. Carrie Hagelberg says

    Love the Food Renegade FB posts. I signed up to win the dehydrator and lunch boxes. Fingers crossed! I never win anything!

  15. Brooke Heasley says

    I’m now following on facebook and I subscribed to the newsletter. This will be great for my family!

  16. Jackie Vetter says

    I just signed up for your newsletter! I was just looking at these over the weekend! My grandchildren (6 of them) have recently moved in with my husband and I, so I was looking for something really great for their lunches!


    • Jackie Vetter says

      I also liked their page on facebook and I’m following them on Pinterest! I don’t do Google plus or Twitter!

  17. Cindy says

    Signed up for newsletter, followed on FB, Twitter, and Pinterest! These bento boxes are awesome! Got my fingers crossed!

  18. Tish Renninger says

    I have entered to win the Lunch-bots. I would take them to work every day and picnic at the beach on my day off. I hope you choose my entry as your winner; I carry my luch 6 days a week. If I had these, I’d go for 7!

  19. Debra Gluskin says

    Signed up for your newsletter, LOVE your postings! Thanks for keeping us inspired, up to date and folding in super fun winnings :)

  20. Taylor says

    I just saw a post by Mommypotamus about getting her LunchBots, and I was jealous, but figured I wouldn’t get a chance to get some, since I’m far from rich and we already HAVE lunchboxes… but this giveaway is awesome! So, I signed up for the newsletter and hoping for the best! Thanks, Food Renegade!

  21. Ericka Friend says

    I subscribed to the newsletter, liked on facebook, followed on twitter, followed on pinterest! :) I reallyyyyyy want these..I have two starting school this year!! eeeep

  22. Karena says

    1. I signed up for the lunchbot newsletter!
    2. I liked their page on facebook!
    3. I added them on google plus!
    4. I just added them on twitter!
    5. I just added them on pinterest!

  23. Heather Quinby says

    Thanks for the wonderful giveaways as well as the sage advice on real food and how to live better and waste less! I have liked Lunchbots on Facebook, Google +, Twitter and Pinterest. THanks again for the opportunity!

  24. Jillain says

    Hi! I subscribed to the newsletter, liked them on Facebook, followed on twitter & Pinterest! These lunch boxes look very practical & green!

  25. Jess says

    I love lunchbots but we’ve not been in a position to afford them. Soon though, I hope! sooner if we win!!! :-)

  26. Regan Boissey says

    This must be fate! I just told my husband today how much it was going to cost to buy these for all 3 of our kids lunch boxes. I am so meant to win these 😉

  27. Sherry N says

    I hope I win! Signed up for newsletter, i will go like on Facebook in a minute. I pack my lunch everyday! These would be great!

  28. Vanessa says

    I just followed lunch bots on twitter! Liked lunch bots on Facebook! And followed lunch bots on Pinterest! Pick me pick me! :))))

  29. Melinda says

    Signed up for your newsletter and Lunchbots on FB. Thank you for this great giveaway! Would love to win this for my first grader for healthy lunches at school.

  30. Diane says

    Hi! I would dearly love to win these since I am sending my daughter to college and am going to fix all of her meals to store in her fridge/freezer for each day of the week, and then she will be bringing the containers home at wends….and we start all over. I hate using even the BPA free plastics because I am not 100% sure they really are free….but can’t afford the stainless steel right now. Thank you for this opportunity!

  31. jude says

    Love these, but all the great photos are making me hungry! :)

    Not sure if we are supposed to enter one comment per entry or not, so hoping this isn’t a mis-step.

    1. Subscribed to their newsletter.
    2. Liked on Facebook.
    3. Followed on Google Plus.
    4. Followed on Twitter.
    5. Followed on Pinterest.


  32. Jamie B says

    I signed up for the Lunchbot newsletter. Holy Moly! They have so many cool products. Thanks for introducing us :)

  33. says

    I signed up for the News Letter,liked ’em on FB and followed on Pinterest…

    I’m hoping I win so that I can pack good lunches for my finace when he goes to work; we’re trying to avoid as many chemicals as we can. :)

  34. Debbie says

    I signed up for newsletter, google plus and liked them on Facebook. Pick me pick me…school starts next week :)

  35. says

    Been reading your posts for awhile now, and this is the first time I’ve entered to win something! Thanks for doing these giveaways…

  36. Karo Kuykendall says

    I signed up for email, liked on Facebook, and pinned/ followed on Pininterest… Is that 3 entries or do I need to comment 3 times?

  37. susan says

    I signed up for the newsletter and am following on FB now. I hope I win! I was planning to buy these for my son. Would save me $$$!

  38. Heather Cain says

    Liked on facebook, followed on pinterest, and signed up for newsletter. These look awesome! Perfect for back to school, thanks for sharing!

  39. Tan Mac says

    Signed up for the newsletter and liked you in Facebook. These lunch boxes are awesome! Would be perfect for my son and myself for school and work!

  40. pam says

    Signed up for the newsletter. Would love to win this for my son. With all his food allergies…we pack his lunch daily. He would love this.

  41. Deb O says

    Hi Kristen, these LunchBots look awesome. I signed up for the newsletter, liked them on FB & am following on Pinterest. Thanks for sharing their products with us.

  42. Jennifer says

    I bought two Lunchbot Duos for my kids lunches at school last year. I. LOVE. THEM. My hubby has started a new job and packs his lunch now. Also, the youngest is going to pre-k. All my kids have food sensitivities so they bring their lunch every day. The two Lunchbots I have are in perfect shape and will continue to get used, but if I could win this whole set then we’d ALL be set for lunches. :O) Finger’s crossed!!

  43. Jennifer says

    OOpsie! Forgot to mention that I did, in fact, subscribe to Lunchbots mailing list/ newsletter! And I’ll be entering in all the other ways I am able as well to increase my odds of winning. Here I go… wish me luck. ;-P

  44. Tiffany Workman says

    For 2 additional entries, I’ve liked LunchBots on Facebook and I’ve followed them on Pinterest.

  45. Jennifer says

    I am now following all of Lunchbot’s boards on Pinterest, which should give me my 5th entry into the contest now that I have let you know I did it. :)

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