GIVEAWAY: 25 Seed Packets

Free organic seeds for your garden. Need I say more? This year, as part of their Sowing Millions Project, Seeds of Change is giving away 25 packets of seeds to Food Renegade readers.

What’s so special about these seeds? Glad you asked.

First off, they’re completely organic. Why would you want to use non-organic seeds in your organic garden? Why not start your vegetables, flowers, and plants off on the right foot from the get-go?

Second, they’re GMO-free! No weird, genetically engineered pieces of foreign DNA have been forcibly incorporated into the plants. YAY.

Third, they’re open-pollinated. That means they will produce new generations of whatever you plant. In other words, you could collect seeds from your hardiest, tastiest plants this year and plant those collected seeds next year! Open pollination is great because it increases biodiversity and helps ensure that your garden only gets healthier and stronger with each passing year as you select for plants that grow well in your soil and weather conditions. Believe it or not, most commercial seeds these days aren’t open-pollinated. They’re commercial hybrids or closed, self-pollinated plants created to ensure consistency year after year while also requiring that you buy new seeds each year.

And finally, they’re quality tested. If you’re new to the world of gardening, you may not know why that’s important. So let me paint a picture for you. Say you go to your nearest box store and pick out the $1 packets of seeds on the rack in the garden center. You get home and plant them. Out of 100 seeds, maybe half actually sprout, and of those, only a third will actually end up being viable. You got what you paid for — crappy seeds. At Seeds of Change, they’re committed to growing and creating the highest-quality organic, open-pollinated seeds on the market. They actually test, research, develop, and test some more. Their seeds are actually viable. The vast majority of them will sprout for you, and most of those sprouts will have the potential to turn into healthy, productive plants.

So, have I won you over yet?

I have? I had you at “free seeds”? Then here’s how you enter the giveaway. We’re keeping it simple.

How To Enter The Giveaway

There is only one entry per person, and to get your chance, ‘like’ the Seeds of Change Facebook page. Comment below telling me that you did, and that’s it!

If you would like to, please tweet this post and share it on Facebook so that your friends and family can have a chance to win, too!

The giveaway will run from today through Next Thursday, June 23rd. At that point, I will select a winner via and announce the winner the following Friday, June 24th.


I wrote this post while participating in the Sowing Millions Project by Real Food Media on behalf of Seeds of Change. I received product and exclusive content to facilitate my post. However, my thoughts and opinions are my own and not of those of Real Food Media or Seeds of Change. This promotion is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with, Facebook

(photo by cheeseslave)


  1. Melissa Carey says

    I liked Seeds of change!!!! Thanks for doing this! Yeay. I hope I win. 😉

  2. Melanie says

    Liked the page…always looking for good organic open pollinated seed sources! Look forward to being a part of the Seeds of Change group! My boys will be so excited if we win, they love their organic seeds and they love collecting and storing them for future plantings.

  3. Carrie A. says

    Ohhh! I’m sick of crappy seeds. I will definitely try these, even if I don’t win 😉 Thanks for this awesome chance to win!

  4. Claudia says

    I “liked” Seeds of Change on Facebook. Please enter me in the Giveaway. Ordered from Seeds of Change this year, too!

  5. Lisa Carey says

    I went to Seeds of Change Facebook page and “LIKED” them. What a great giveaway! I am excited to know about Seeds of Change! Thank you!

  6. Alicia McCullough says

    liked it, love it, thanks for the seeds of change giveaway….keeping fingers crossed!!!

  7. Linda Brush says

    I purchase Seeds of Change Seeds when available! Never thought to see if they had a FB page! Thanks for steering me there! Did I win? Te he he! Linda

  8. Ellen Paulson says

    I already liked them! Love the fan page…and hope I win.
    Thanks for the chance to enter and win such a great prize!!

  9. Wendy Diamon says

    I liked them on Facebook! But truly, I LOVE Seeds of Change!!! Best seeds EVER!!!

  10. Gini says

    I “liked” the Seeds of Change page! Thanks for the opportunity to win some non-GMO seeds. :)

  11. says

    I like Seeds of Change on FB. :) I’m in the process of planting an organic garden this year but I didn’t check to see if my organic seeds were non-GMO, open pollinated and such – I’m such a newbie to all this stuff.

  12. Susan Roth says

    I would love to have some free seeds, and will share the ones I can’t use or have some of already. Still need to put in some cukes! Thank you!


    I liked seeds of change on facebook. Thank you for the opportunity to win seeds! I’m delighted

  14. PJ says

    I just “liked” Seeds of Change on their FB page. I didn’t order any seeds this year, but I got some great plants from a local organic grower. I plan on being a bit more pro-active next season and order seeds early. Seeds of Change looks to have a fabulous selection.

  15. BeccaOH says

    I liked Seeds of Change on FB. I do really like them, but I bought most of my seeds this year from Baker Creek Heirlooms.

  16. Darci says

    I liked them on Facebook. Also, we have some of their seeds and LOVE them! I’d be so happy to get more!!!

  17. Karen says

    I love Seeds of Change…. I also liked them on Facebook. Thanks for the opportunity to win seeds. I am a total seed junkie…. I love growing new varieties; I think it is my favorite reason for gardening.

  18. says

    I liked the Seeds of Change page and really do love their seeds, we grew some last year but lost it all to gophers and other animal friends…If we win, we can try again this year!

  19. diana hengerer says

    I ‘liked’ Seeds of Change, please enter me for the drawing!
    Thanks for all your wonderful work!

  20. Terri H. says

    I think I managed to “Like” Seeds of Change… despite Facebook supposedly being blocked here at work… LOL

  21. Traci says

    Been there. Done that.
    Looking forward to winning! (Got to keep it positive!)


  22. Dr. Allison Low says

    OK, I did it! I’m hoing to win these seeds because I actually signed up for their Sowing Millions project, paid the $4.99 shipping fee and never received my seeds :(


  23. Micah says

    I “LIKED” Seeds of Change on Facebook, and I look forward to learning more about what they offer and teach. I’ve already learned some new things about gardening just from skimming their wall and comments. As a poor grad student and a mother, free seeds would be a huge help in nourishing my family and giving us lots of opportunities to learn and grow!

  24. Kelly in PA says

    I liked Seeds of Change on Facebook. They are a great organization, I think I’ve bought seeds from them in the past.

  25. Penny says

    I like Seeds of Change page and love using organic seeds and fertilizer in my garden. Would love to try their seeds. Thanks for the giveaway.

  26. says

    I was looking for a new site to purchase my organic seeds from. (I wasn’t happy with the customer service of the company I used this year). I’m excited to find someone new! I liked them on my Facebook page!

    Thanks so much!

  27. says

    I already like you on Facebook, and I love Seeds of Change and everything they stand for. These free seeds would make my garden healthy and my family healthier. It is amazing that you are giving away these seeds, whoever wins is indeed a very lucky person.

  28. Marissa says

    Oh yeah! I really do like Seeds of Change. Such a great way to uplift, encourage and educate more people to create a positive change and state of living. Great job

  29. Valonda says

    Hadn’t heard of Seeds of Change before, but I “like” what you are all about! :)

  30. says

    I already liked Seeds of Change on FB and Have been a friend of Food Renegade for quite awhile…LOVE BOTH OF YOU…Would love to have packets of Seeds 😉 THANK YOU

  31. says

    I’m getting ready to move and laying in a garden will be a high priority once I’m settled – I’d love to have some quality seeds to get started with!

  32. LindaK says

    I like Seeds of Change on Facebook!
    And I have a garden in and love working in it!
    I use their products when I can find them but I didn’t know about the organic chocolate. My favorite food! I will be looking for that!

  33. LauraL says

    Seeds of Change make me think of ancient plants which have produced seed “after their kind” for thousands of years with natural variety.

  34. Pat Bitton says

    Just liked you. Keep up the good work keeping Monsanto et al out of our gardens and our lives.

  35. Dave says

    “liked” on FaceBook page! Could really use some quality seeds! Thanks for the opportunity!

  36. Letty Sison says

    I pray I win!
    I will start my organic vegetable garden . I have currently 2 organic fruit trees ( Asian Pear and dwarf cherries) Their fruits are very sweet!

  37. says

    I had some seeds from Seeds of Change saved, and then we moved and they were on the only shelf in the whole house that I forgot to pack! ARGH! So I would absolutely adore having these seeds to start off my garden in my new house. We’re first time homebuyers, and I love my new place! I liked the FB page :)

  38. Carolyn says

    I “liked” Seeds of Change on Facebook, and I would LOVE to win free seeds for my organic community garden plots. I have teenage boys to feed! lol

  39. Lisa Sellers says

    I liked the page! And I like yours as well. Thanks for the chance to enter!

  40. Lauri says

    Seeds of Change are just what we ALL need to have and use! I liked Seeds of Change on Facebook. But I think I would like and use them anyway. Thanks for sharing the information.

  41. Margaret says

    I was just having a conversation at dinner with my husband about growing some vegetables, thinking to myself ‘where can I get some good quality organic seeds?’ and when I open my e-mail FOOD RENEGADE to the rescue! I’m now friends with Seeds of Change on Facebook. Thank you Food Renegade.

  42. Rebecca says

    Liked the seeds of change on facebook. always looking for sources and ways to help find and grow food that won’t hurt my autoimmune disorder and help educate my child on healthy eating.

  43. Trinity says

    I liked the seeds of change page. I’m glad to know a company that I can trust their seeds. I didn’t even think about conventional seeds being closed to new seeds to replant the following season.

  44. Liz says

    While the odds aren’t all that good, I “liked” seeds of change in hopes of winning!

  45. jacquie says

    pout, pout pout because i don’t do facebook. but would have loved a chance to win the seeds ….

  46. Lorie says

    “Seeds of Change” have been ‘liked.’ I buy them when I find them. So glad they have a face book page!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  47. Kristiana says

    I am so ready to grow our food – and use the BEST – Seeds of Change!
    Thanks very much!

  48. Karin Johnson says

    I “liked” Seeds of Change on Facebook. I have not had the opportunity to try any of their seeds yet. I like the concept, that is for sure!

  49. Janet says

    I Liked their page. I’m also dying to sit down and read through their site! Thanks for the giveaway! :)

  50. Christina says

    I “liked” Seeds of Change on facebook to enter the contest for free seed pack. Thank you food renegade!!

  51. Jana says

    I “liked” Seeds of Change. I have not used these seeds before, but would love to try them!

  52. Betty says

    Liked you on facebook and took a peek at some of the recipes…yum! Would love soem of these seeds to try here in Kansas….

  53. Laura says

    I “liked” the Seeds of Change Facebook! They rock! I’ve already planted several of their seeds in my garden this year.

  54. nicole says

    i “liked” them. this is good incentive to actually START the veggie garden i’ve been planning!

  55. Cheryl Marlow says

    I likey likey Seeds of Change, and appreciate you for the opportunity ~ THANKS =)

  56. Rhonda says

    I “liked” the Seeds of Change on Facebook. Yay, GMO-free! Thank you so much for telling us about this website!

  57. Brandi says

    I grow a giving garden for The Growing Project in Fort Collins Colorado. Check it out!

  58. Jessica says

    Already “like” seed of change and their fb page! And now I’m loving this giveaway!

  59. Auriel says

    I like Seeds of Change very much. I always save seeds every year since it’s the best way to garden.

  60. lori says

    i checked like on facebook! and i love seeds of change-thank you for this oportunity!

  61. Paula says

    I’ve been using Seeds Of Change for the past two years. It’s important to me that my veggies are non-GMO and I’m lucky the hardware store in my small town carries SOC seeds! Just “liked” them on FB!

  62. David says

    My wife is hoping to start a garden soon, so these seeds would be a great way to get the ball rolling. Also excited to see what the Seeds of Change Facebook page has to offer. Thanks!

  63. says

    “Like” it! It was great learning about Seeds of Change. I’m new to organic gardening, and am learning a lot!

  64. Julie says

    I liked Seeds of Change on Facebook, too! I really need some organic seeds to sow in my new raised beds!!!

  65. Naty F. Benedicto says

    I liked and commented of Facebook: Its a great and a generous project to give away seeds that could help us not only to feed but nourish many of our fellow men. Thanks a lot.

  66. moxie says

    What a wonderful give-away! Definitely hit “like” on facebook bc I want my friends to learn about these kind of seeds. Thanks for the opportunity!

  67. Denise says

    I am the school gardener coordinator at a small country school in Northern California. Seeds of Change is always the first choice for planting. The chance to win them is to good to pass up. I Liked Seeds of Change.

  68. Diana Litaker says

    I’ve added Seeds of Change to my list of likes. Thanks for pointing out their facebook page! I love Seeds of Change.

  69. Joanisa says

    A year ago, we, a small group of committed and concerned students, began to sow seeds of change at Eckerd College by beginning an organic garden on campus. While it was a struggle at first (the administration initially resisted the idea), we are now considered by the president of our college to be “the moral center of Eckerd” and were voted the “best service club” on campus this past year. Now we’re working on getting food from the garden into our cafeteria! Your weekly updates gift us wonderful information which we glean and share with others. We appreciate all of the good work that you do and would be honored to plant your seeds in our garden to share a bountiful harvest with other students, staff, and faculty

  70. Lilias Petit-Scott says

    Just ‘liked’ Seeds of Change. Thanks for spreading the seed love!!

  71. Nicole says

    I “like” seeds of Change…. thank you so much for a chance to expend our garden repertoire!!!

  72. Kathy says

    I already like Seeds of Change, but I also just Liked them on their Facebook page too. Thanks for the chance

  73. Bill O'Neill says

    Hmmm….Now that I’m a Food Renegade I feel suddenly larger and heather. Seed of Change and Food Renegade are the types of organizations that give back to the common wealth of this country. They should be applauded in their efforts to deliver information and products that enhance our quality of life and promote ecologically friendly practices. I am a member of the “Blessed Garden” project. We are located in Bonney Lake Washington. Maybe 35 mi, as the crow flies, from Mt Rainier. Check out our FB page. Here it is the middle of June and we still haven’t been able to plant our garden yet. Cool temps and to much rain. Only one day over 70 degrees since last September. These seeds will come at the right time. Thanks, again for the seed offer. I/we support your work.
    Bill Oneill/ “Blessed Garden” Project

  74. Laura says

    I liked Seeds of Change on fb. I ordered from them last year and this year. Really great!

  75. Deidre says

    I Love love love Seeds of Change, so I “liked” it on the fb web page. I am getting my children to understand these concepts–and that is meaningful considering we are VERY urban dwellers.

  76. Theresa says

    I already “Like” Seeds of Change on Facebook so I posted a link and message about the contest on my Facebook page. Thank you for the opportunity to win their great seeds!

  77. Donna says

    LIKED the Facebook page….will be planting in an organic community garden in the fall, and will need some quality seeds to get started. THANKS in advance!!

  78. Amy says

    I’ve been wanting to start an organic garden. This will be just the jumpstart I need!

  79. Marcia Clausen says

    I liked the Seeds of Change facebook page. Thnaks for the chance to win great seeds.

  80. Dandi Bond says

    I am so glad I’ve found your blog and I went to Seeds of Change FB page and like them! Thanks for your insight and information!

  81. Rachael Green says

    I LOVE THEM! I didn’t even think to look for them on facebook, I just liked them! thx

  82. Stephanie KL says

    I “LIKED” Seeds of Change on Facebook. We’re in the process of building a garden house with a surround of garden boxes. The Seeds of Change seeds would be a great beginning for our new area. Thank you for the opportunity to win some high quality seeds.

  83. says

    I was so thrilled to plant some Seeds of Change golden beets from seed. They are doing beautifully. I realized I really wanted to plant some large leaf purslane; one of my best finds from SOC ever! Well, to my chagrin and great surprise, I found several growing in with the beets. They are notoriously prolific seeders, so this was common when it is around. Thanks SOC, for great seeds and great little surprises!!

  84. Sylvia Stewart says

    Yes, I liked Seeds of Change on Facebook. I made sure to use no GM seeds. Sticking to the tried and true! Yes to “free seeds” . Thanks!

  85. Jaime says

    I “liked” Seeds of Change on FB. This is my first year gardening. So far so good :)

  86. Jessica says

    I ‘liked’ Seeds of Change on facebook. Thanks for a great give-away on a great blog!

  87. Melissa says

    I like the Seeds of Change and liked them on FB. Thanks for the give away information.

  88. Lori Woodward says

    I “liked” Seeds of Change on FB and really really hope I win the contest!!

  89. Karla says

    I already “like” /love Seeds of Change. So I’ll share this post on FB. I tweeted this page too!

  90. Lynne Wagner says

    I “liked” Seeds of Change. But then again, I “like” them, anyway — I buy them at a local store here! Thanks for the drawing and giveaway!

  91. Pennie says

    I definitely “liked” Seeds of Change on FB because I love them! What a great giveaway! Thanks!

  92. Ilka W. Jones says

    I just “liked” Seeds of Change. Looking forward to what I can learn from them, even if I don’t win! 😉

  93. Raina says

    I liked Seeds of Change of FB. Thanks for your website and for all the great info. Keep it coming!

  94. Monica Oxendine says

    I would love to try your seeds…I liked your page today and hope to learn something and get a few seeds to try…..