Fats! Desserts! Weight Loss! Backyard Homesteads!

Time for another wrap up of links from around the web. Want the definitive proof that yellow seed oils cause heart disease? How about two new delicious dairy free dessert recipes (one of them without any sweetener at all!)? Or, perhaps I could whet your appetite by inviting you to consider how you can produce almost all your food needs on just a quarter of an acre.

Check these links out:

Stephan Guyenet at the Whole Health Source blog posted a two-part series last week about the connection between excess Omega-6 intake in our diets (primarily from yellow seed oils like corn oil, soybean oil, safflower oil, cottonseed oil, etc.) and our risk for heart attacks. If you’re a nutrition geek, you’ll enjoy reading the articles, the first of which is here.

Kimi Harris at The Nourishing Gourmet posted a delightful looking recipe for a Brownie Pudding Cake that’s dairy free and made with soaked grains.

Ann Marie at Cheeseslave linked to a video interview of Kevin Brown and Annette Presley, co-authors of The Liberation Diet. Watch the video. In it, Kevin says that so-called health foods like margarine, vegetable shortening, and others are worthless industrial waste products that got dressed up in nice packaging, called a health food, and sold for ginormous profits.

The Huffington Post ran an interesting article on the growing number of backyard, front yard, and rooftop homesteaders opting for homegrown food.

And last but not least, Son of Grok did it again. He created a sugar-free, dairy-free flan-like custard using only nutrient-dense REAL food! (You’re gonna like this.)


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    I like that Huffington post article. We’re doing a lot more small space growing this year after we lost our community garden to a softball field expansion. There really is a lot you can grow in containers and in other small spaces.

    Jenny @ Nourished Kitchen

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    The Huffington Post article was good . . . and I have had that book on my wishlist for a few months now! :)

    Son of Grok’s recipe is bookmarked too!



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