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Category Archives: Weekend Book Love

GIVEAWAY: The Nourished Kitchen Cookbook

Nourished Kitchen Cookbook

Have you ever had a friend do something truly awe-inspiring? I have. They’re sticky, those moments. I once had a friend teach herself how to play the guitar within a matter of months, then start composing award-winning music. As I sat listening to her latest song, it felt like every conceivable emotional response twisted in my gut. But the greatest of these was awe. My most recent adventure in feeling awe at how … accomplished … a friend is came while reading my friend Jenny’s newest cookbook, The Nourished Kitchen: Farm-to-Table Recipes for the Traditional Foods Lifestyle.

Moving Makes Me Want to Start a Bonfire


This weekend, I’m helping my parents move. It’s their first move in nearly 20 years. My mother has generously asked me to help arrange and decorate their new home. I’m opening up boxes, holding each of their treasures in my hands, and thinking “what am I going to do with this?” They have a LOT of stuff. Now, I’ve moved many times in my adult life — an average of once every two years. And every time I’ve moved I’ve used it as an opportunity to part with a lot of clutter. My father once said, “The very idea of moving makes me want to pile all my possessions in the middle of the living room floor and light a match.” I understand.

3 Easy Steps to Transition Your Family to Paleo


When people first hear about the Paleo diet, it sounds intimidating. No grains? What’ll I eat for breakfast? No dairy? Are you kidding? If you’re used to eating out a lot, or buying convenience foods at the grocery store, then the Paleo diet can seem even more daunting. Not only are you supposed to prepare your meals from scratch with well-sourced ingredients, but you are supposed to do it while eliminating entire food groups AND magically keeping your kids and spouse happy. That’s where 3 Phase Paleo by the Paleo Parents (Stacy Toth and Matthew McCarry) comes in.

How to Break Free of the Breakfast Rut: The Breakfast Revolution Review


Ah, breakfast. It is a universally acknowledged truth that breakfast can be the single most challenging meal of the day to routinely prepare WITHOUT falling into ruts — particularly if you’re trying to eat a gluten-free diet, even more so if you’re trying to break out of the cereal box. After all, just how many different ways can you prepare eggs and/or oatmeal before you die of boredom?

Food Renegade October Giveaway