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Category Archives: Recipes

Tex Mex Layered Salad

Tex Mex Layered Salad

There is nothing like a delicious Tex Mex Layered side salad no matter what time of year! I make this bean salad when I am in a pinch and want something that is easy but also nutritious. Serve on a bed of rice or in a tortilla, or just as side dish with any meal.

Lemongrass Chicken & Zoodles {Paleo, Low FODMAP}

Lemongrass Chicken & Zoodles

I love lemongrass.  It’s so refreshing, earthy, light.  It’s one of my favorite flavors out there actually… and mixed with a smidgen of ginger, cilantro, and lime, it’s divine.  Divine I tell you. That’s why I adore this Lemongrass Chicken served over zoodles (zucchini noodles).

Rice and Bean Resistant Starch Salad

Rice and bean salad resistant starch1

Mmmm. No one ever says “I want a hearty bowl of resistant starch to feed the good bacteria in my gut.” But maybe they should, particularly with this tasty Rice & Bean Salad recipe.

Gluten-Free Macaroni Salad

gluten free macaroni salad recipe

It’s really no joke, this gluten-free macaroni salad is by far my FAVORITE macaroni salad in the world. Nothing ever compares to this for me; every so often throughout the year I whip up a batch and it literally makes my mouth water. I hosted a baby shower this weekend and I made this macaroni salad for it. Needless-to-say, it was a hit!

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