Better Broccoli Salad [Paleo, Egg-Free, Sugar-Free]

broccoli salad paleo egg free sugar free

Are you familiar with that broccoli salad you find at so many pot luck dinners? It’s sweet and tangy and rich and crunchy and everything you could ever want in a broccoli salad. Plus, there’s bacon, which means I might call it lunch.

But when I finally got my hands on the recipe it called for gobs of soy oil mayo and tons of sugar. I’m not anti-sweetener, but it seems like a crime against humanity to do that to broccoli… and bacon.

So, I came up with something different… something, I think, better. It’s sweet and tangy and rich and crunchy, but it’s also made more simply, with ingredients that won’t necessarily offend the delicate sensibility of that green vegetable called broccoli.

And there’s still bacon, but you could call that optional.

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Beef and Lentil Irish Nacho Bake [Grain-free]

irish nacos1

We’ve always loved Tex-Mex and Mexican food, but since moving to Texas, I may have finally found our food culture. We now seem to eat some type of Tex-Mex just about every day. Tacos, beans, salsa, guacamole, big salads stuffed with homegrown cilantro, onions, and cumin… the list goes on.

So, I’m always looking for different ways to incorporate these favorite ingredients into a hearty, filling dish good enough for my hungry homesteaders. This dish fits the bill.

I roast a good number of potatoes in lard or coconut oil until golden and crispy. Then, I top it with grass-fed beef, lentils, and cheese. The dish is finished with green onions and toppings like avocado and fermented salsa. It’s enough to feed us for a meal and then some, and I can toss whatever vegetables are coming out of the garden next to it.

Plus, it’s one more way to get my Tex-Mex fix.

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Macaroni and Cheese with Tuna and Peas (Gluten-Free and Real Food Style)

Homemade Gluten-Free Macaroni & Cheese

I grew up in the land of the hotdish. I didn’t realize until I left my home state of Minnesota for college that most of the rest of the country called them casseroles.

Whichever way you cut it, they are a one pot dish – baked or not – that usually involves the main protein and starch of the meal. My Grandmother served them up in her farmhouse kitchen to the many children and grandchildren she fed.

I never liked boxed macaroni and cheese growing up, but for some reason the kind my mother made with tuna and peas mixed in now feels a bit like comfort food. I’ve updated the recipe here to use gluten-free pasta and a cheese “sauce” that is really only two of my favorite ingredients – raw cheese and grass-fed butter.

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Liver & Onions Marinara

liver and onions marinara

Almost two years ago we brought our longhorn, Cholula, into the butcher. I had a six week old baby in the sling and Texas had just weathered one of the worst droughts in history. Cholula was a bit on the thin side to say the least.

When we picked her up we had organ meats to eat for weeks. The amount of liver that comes from one cow is enormous, let me tell ya. Besides liver, there was tongue and kidney and heart and more and more liver. It was a lot of offal for one family, and while we eat it, we’re not jumping up and down about it.

But it seems like the right thing to do, the eating of the whole animal. Plus, we know the organs are incredibly nutrient-dense, even compared to that tasty flesh. So those weeks of organ meats really helped to strengthen me following the birth of our third baby.

Pairing liver with bacon and onions makes it delectable, as do these tips for cooking liver. Adding a layer of garlic-laden marinara sauce adds one more layer of flavor to balance out that strong liver flavor. It’s still liver, y’all, but if you’re going to eat it why not make it tasty?

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