A Sneak Peak at Wardeh’s E-Course

Earlier this week, I wrote about the exciting new online course in the basics of how to prepare traditional foods. Your response has been overwhelming. Nearly two hundred of you have already signed up for the course!

For those of you still wondering if the 14 weeks of interactive learning is worth the shockingly low price, Wardeh’s released a new sneak peek at one of her videos from the class. (And no, that’s not just sales copy. The classes are less than $10 each — far less than you would pay at your local community college.) Check out the video below:

Don’t you love how simple she makes it all look? And how full of useful little tips she is? Did I mention that the course comes with a 30-day money back guarantee? And that spaces are limited?

Enrollment closes on February 22nd, and class begins on the 23rd. Find out more about the course here.

In the spirit of full disclosure, you should know that I’m so excited about this class that I’ve actually partnered with Wardeh to help her boost enrollment. As such, I do earn a commission whenever one of you signs up for the e-course. So, if you’re interested in Wardeh’s class, and you’re interested in helping to support Food Renegade, why not go check out the class and learn more about it?


  1. Mike says

    I would probably watch these and share them with everyone if they were free. Also, limited space for an electronic course? Don’t get me wrong, I love the idea, just don’t think the format and implementation is fitting.

    • says

      Mike — Space limitation may have to do with the software she’s using to run the course, or it may be her personal preference as a teacher. After all, the course also includes exclusive forum access to ask questions and discuss course materials. It’ll take up a lot of her time!

      I don’t know anybody who would turn down free content! Nevertheless, what she’s done is very valuable, time consuming, and the result of years of experience and expertise. It’d be silly to give it all away for free!

    • says

      Hi, Mike! Hope it is okay that I respond. :) Kristen is right in her reasoning for why space would be limited. Like she said, there is a limit to how many people I can responsibly support in the forum. But in addition, streaming video to 1000s of members would eat up costly bandwidth in my hosting account and result in a poor experience for the users. Those are just two of the good reasons for me to keep the pool on the smaller side.
      .-= Wardeh @ GNOWFGLINS´s last blog post …Sneak Peak Video: Soaked Muffins =-.

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